Mr Gates criticised the US for focusing on buying new vaccines.

BEIJING, Aug. 5 (Xinhua) — Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has called for a more global approach to the U.S. response to the new outbreak of pneumonia, saying that while the U.S. is leading in research, “we only care about ourselves” in producing and sourcing vaccines.

Mr Gates criticised the US for focusing on buying new vaccines.

In an interview with Bloomberg on Tuesday, Gates said he was pleased that the economic aid package being discussed in Congress would increase the budget by $8 billion to help less developed countries and regions buy vaccines, “we’re working to try to end the epidemic not just in rich countries.” “

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged $350 million to fund research related to the new coronavirus, with a significant portion of that going to vaccine development and increased vaccine production capacity. Gates said he funded the development of new crown vaccines for AstraZeneca, Johnson and Johnson and Novavax, “which can be mass produced and inexpensive.”

Like many people of insight, Mr Gates expressed concern about “vaccine nationalism”. “Vaccine nationalism” means that a country prioritizes the production and stockpiling of vaccines for itself.

Gates expects a vaccine to be available in early 2021, but it will be available mainly in rich countries. More efficient vaccines, he argues, take longer to develop, and “the first vaccine may not perform well enough to combat the spread of neo-coronapneumonia and the spread of the epidemic, and may not produce long-term immunization effects”.

Gates also said he is optimistic that the new coronary pneumonia drug under development will significantly reduce mortality. (Author/Frost Leaf)