Working with Nvidia: Microsoft wants to power AI start-ups

Microsoft has partnered with Nvidia to launch the Microsoft For Startups Global Initiative, which aims to help AI start-ups take off by providing resources such as technology, free cloud access, co-sales, and channel partners. NVIDIA Inception is known to be a virtual accelerator application that empowers start-ups to leverage GPUs for AI and data science research. Following today’s announcement of the partnership, Nvidia will also open its own resources to the Microsoft for Startups project.

Working with Nvidia: Microsoft wants to power AI start-ups

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Members of NVIDIA Inception and Microsoft for Startups can now benefit from all of these two programs, including technical resources, training, go-to-market support, and NVIDIA GPU credits in the Azure cloud.

“This collaboration allows us to accelerate the growth of AI start-ups by leveraging NVIDIA’s deep technical expertise on Microsoft Azure and market-leading GPU technology, combining the ability of both companies to connect start-ups with customers,” said Microsoft Daniel Sevitt.

NVIDIA Inception members are eligible to benefit from the Microsoft for Startups program as follows:

Free access to specific technologies that meet the needs of each startup, including up to 120,000 free points in the Azure cloud;

Provide market resources to help start-ups catch up with Microsoft’s global sales channels.

Microsoft for Startups members can benefit from NVIDIA Inception:

Technical expertise in deploying GPU applications and hardware;

Free access to online courses at the NVIDIA Institute of Deep Learning, such as Deep Learning Basics for Computer Vision and Accelerated Data Science;

Unlimited access to DevTalk, a forum for technical advice and community participants;

Enjoy all discounts on NVIDIA’s listed portfolio, from NVIDIA DGX AI systems to NVIDIA Jetson embedded computing platforms.

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