Germany has ruled that Tesla’s touchscreen wiper control features are illegal.

A Tesla driver in Germany was involved in a crash when he used a touch screen to adjust the speed of the wiper strain on his windshield when it rained. He was fined and given a one-month driving ban by the District Court. The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y electric cars eliminate the wiper speed adjustment on the steering wheel and instead switch to an autopilot camera that automatically adjusts the speed based on rainfall intensity.

If the driver wants to adjust the wiper speed, they must operate through a touch screen. This means that the driver must divert attention during operation and be prone to distracted driving.

In the crash, the driver appealed to The Higher Regional Court after believing the problem was caused by the manufacturer, Tesla. The court has now ruled that the wiper control on the touch screen is illegal.                     

Germany has ruled that Tesla's touchscreen wiper control features are illegal.