Tech giants such as Microsoft have responded to the White House’s quantum information science education initiative.

Reuters reported that Microsoft has joined an initiative launched by the White House to promote quantum information science education (QIS) in K-12 schools across the United States. The work, hosted by the National Science Foundation, attracted public and private institutional partners, including Microsoft, Amazon Cloud Services, Boeing, Alphabet,” IBM, Lockheed Martin, Illinois and the University of Chicago, and the foundation also provided millions of dollars in grants to the QIS Education Program.

Tech giants such as Microsoft have responded to the White House's quantum information science education initiative.

Infographic (from: Microsoft)

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy said Wednesday that the QIS program is partly designed to introduce pre-university students to topics related to quantum information.

Looking ahead, quantum computing is expected to reach the current multi-million-fold operating speed, with a significant impact on healthcare, communications, financial services, transportation, artificial intelligence, weather forecasting, and more.

In fact, Microsoft is no stranger to quantum computing education. As early as last year, the company partnered with to launch a new interactive and interactive course on quantum computing.

Microsoft hopes the course will support scientists and engineers working on the next generation of quantum computing, where interested people can learn about quantum computing and basic programming.

Also in July, the White House announced a $75 million grant to new research institutes at three U.S. universities to promote research in quantum information.