Tencent is pushing for a merger of Tiger Tooth and Fighting Fish, with the $80 billion live streaming giant coming online.

Tencent is understood to be leading a merger of fish and tiger teeth, which will have a market value of $10 billion. According to the Beijing News Shell Finance, several people close to the deal confirmed that Tencent did put forward a proposal to promote the merger of fish, tiger and tooth, and the proposal has risen to the level of Tencent’s head office. “If you move fast enough, it can be done within the year.”

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Recently, the merger of fish, tiger teeth once again aroused market concern. According to the Beijing News Shell Finance, a number of people close to the deal said:

Tencent did put forward proposals to promote the merger of fishand and tiger teeth, and the proposal has risen to the level of Tencent’s general office.

“If you move fast enough, it can be done within the year.”

The combined market value of the fish and tiger teeth is reported to be $10 billion.

Affected by this news, fish, tiger teeth have risen.

According to public information, Tencent owns 37% of Tiger’s Tooth and 38% of The Fish.

Tencent is seeking to become the largest shareholder in the combined entity, according to people familiar with the matter.

News of the merger came to a head after Tencent became the largest shareholder in Doufish and Tiger’s Tooth in April. Now the rumors re-start, can be seen in the face of shaking sound, fast hand, B station and other video platforms of the fierce offensive, Tencent has been eager.

Tencent will push for the merger of Tiger Tooth and Fighting Fish.

Tencent Holdings is pushing for talks to merge Tiger Tooth and Fighting Fish, China’s largest gaming streaming platform, in a deal that would give it the lead in the $3.4 billion market, Bloomberg reported.

Tencent is said to have been discussing a merger with the two companies in the past few months, although details have not yet been finalised.

If it does, the deal will create a live streaming giant with more than 300 million users and a market capitalisation of $10 billion, cementing Tencent’s leading position in Chinese gaming and social media.

“Tencent, the main shareholder of both platforms, will benefit because the merger will eliminate unnecessary competition between the two.” Vey-Sern Ling, an industry research analyst at Bloomberg, said.

As early as May this year, the fish and tiger teeth one after the release of the 2020 Q1 financial report, tiger teeth live revenue for the first time fell month-on-month, live streaming revenue accounted for 94%, advertising and other revenue only 6%;

From the financial results data alone, fish, tiger teeth performance and the other side of the gap is not very obvious. Previously, there have been tiger teeth insiders broke the news, tiger teeth, fish, penguin electric competition will be “three-in-one.”

Tencent is pushing for a merger of Tiger Tooth and Fighting Fish, with the $80 billion live streaming giant coming online.

China’s live gaming market is estimated to generate Rmb23.6bn ($3.4bn) in revenue this year, according to AerRe Consulting.

Fish fighting, tiger teeth rose.

On the evening of August 5, Beijing time, U.S. stocks opened, the Dow opened about 130 points higher, Tiger Tooth rose more than 11%, fish inglise rose more than 14%, Tencent is pushing for merger of fish and tiger teeth negotiations.

On such a rise, the combined market capitalisation of the two companies is nearly $12 billion ($80 billion).

By the close, Doufish was up 6.02 per cent and Tiger Tooth Live was up 7.77 per cent.

In April, Doosan filed 20-F filings with the SEC today, showing that as of March 31, 2020: Tencent has a 38 per cent ;P hoenix Fuju Limited has a 5.7 per cent stake and Sequoia China has a 9.3 per cent stake.

Tiger Tooth filed 20-F filings with the U.S. SEC in April 2020, showing that as of April 3, 2020, Tiger Tooth had 67,135,314 class A common shares and 152,357,321 class B common shares. Tencent owns 36.9 per cent, with 50.9 per cent of the voting rights, 31.2 per cent and 43 per cent voting rights, and Tencent invests in a host of upstream and downstream projects in the gaming industry, with Tiger tooth and fish taking nearly 80 per cent of the market, but their majority shareholders are Tencent, which owns 36.9 per cent and 38 per cent, respectively.

In addition, Tencent also invested in Dragon Ball Live, B station, fast hand, Penguin Electric Competition is Tencent’s own.

Tencent’s proprietary investment accounts for four seats in China’s top five live gaming platforms, according to mob research.

Public data show that in the first quarter of 2020, Doosan’s operating income was RMB2,278 million, while the number of monthly active users was RMB2,278 million, slightly lower than last year’s 159 million, and the number of mobile monthly active users rose 15.3 percent year-on-year to 56.6 million.

Tiger Tooth’s operating income in the first quarter of 2020 was RMB2,412 million, while the number of monthly active users was RMB251 million, up 22.2% YoY, and the mobile monthly activity increased by 38.6% YoY to 74.7 million.

Why should the two merge?

In equity, Tencent has relied on an increase in its holdings in early April to clear the “barriers” of the group and become the largest shareholder in fish and tiger teeth.

As of April 3, Tencent held a 36.9 per cent stake in Tiger’s Tooth through its wholly-owned subsidiary and had 50.9 per cent of the voting rights, according to the announcement.

As of March 31, Tencent, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, held a 38 per cent stake in Doufish and 38 per cent of the voting rights.

In 2019, Station B, Fast Hand and Shake voice siphone began to participate in the game live stream in depth, these “outsiders” in terms of user data, more money to invest in the competition for rights to the game.

At the same time, the size of new users of Doofish and Tiger Teeth is on a year-on-year decline, according to QuestMobile, which is competing for user slong in short video platforms.

Owning two head companies at the same time would have been Tencent’s ideal moat. But if they can’t do a big live broadcast ecology internally, and the competitive power of the outside world continues to decline, integration is the inevitable result.

Tencent Games set up a separate live streaming business in 2019 to reduce the internal consumption of the three head platforms of Tiger Tooth, Fish and Penguin.

Since last July, the game’s live-streaming market has become increasingly fragmented.

In July 2019, Clippers announced a live game with 35 million, 15 million for the anti-Trump dau and 11 million for tiger-toothed DAU. That is to say, the sum of fish fighting, tiger teeth day-to-day life is not as fast as the hand.

The gap is widening.

On December 10, 2019, the Fast Hand Big Data Research Institute released the 2019 Fast Hand Live Eco Report.

报告显示,快手直播DAU突破1亿,游戏直播日活超过5100万。 In the same period, fish fighting days were only about 13 million, while tiger teeth were around 10 million.

Challenge Tencent’s live-streaming platform, along with ByteDance.

Tencent has repeatedly sued the courts over the past few years against platforms such as the headline-grabbing video and the sound of a sound, protesting that they are broadcasting Tencent’s game content privately, and the friction between the two sides has continued.

And Station B is becoming the biggest variable in the field of live game broadcasting.

Previously, B station has been known as the “game coat video site”, but recently B-station business further diversified, and the more prominent business is the live broadcast business.

Station B is investing more in the live broadcast business, soliciting teams and spending heavily on rights to games and events.

According to the information of live data company Small Hulu, in March 2020, the gift income of fish, tiger tooth, B station and fast hand was 974 million yuan, 818 million yuan, 1.005 billion yuan and 1.749 billion yuan, respectively.

In April 2020, the gift income of fish, tiger tooth, B station and fast hand was 719 million yuan, 803 million yuan, 892 million yuan and 1.905 billion yuan, respectively.

That is to say, if the fish, tiger teeth combined, just can be in the live industry and the fast hand basically level, and beyond the B station a position, forming checks and balances.

According to the latest data revealed by Tang Yuxuan, vice president of fast Mobile game drama at this year’s Chinajoy 2020 Global E-Competition Conference, the fast Mobile game drama live broadcast as of the end of May this year has exceeded 220 million live users, and the number of users of short video monthly games has exceeded 300 million.

In addition, the Clippers also won the KPL King Glory Professional League live broadcast rights, PEL and the elite professional league club players are fully stationed, plus the admission of a number of tentacles head anchor … This makes the growth of the fast-hand platform in mobile electric competition snare.

B station, also recently official xuane to obtain the Hero League event in China three years of exclusive live broadcast copyright. In addition, a number of e-competition world head KOL, such as contestant Uzi, “factory director” Clearlove, etc. have also been stationed in the B station, to participate in the exclusive column. The cumulative video playback volume of B-station e-competition content exceeds 44 billion times, and has reached an alarming volume.

Fast hand, shake sound such as the “short video content and live” platform, as well as B station such as the “medium-long video and interest community and live” platform, are more easily than tiger teeth, fishing based on electric competition things to do extension, forming a new type of game content ecology, thereby increasing user stickiness.

Fast hand, B station and other video platforms in the game live broadcast power, has hit the tiger teeth, fish, in the severe external competition, coupled with Tencent’s promotion, fishfighting, tiger tooth merger is not surprising.