Fusion off-line: Ford officially ends production of cars in the U.S.

According tomedia reports, a ford era is officially over. The auto maker will no longer make a car for its native America. Ford confirmed to the media on Wednesday local time that Fusion production ended in Mexico on July 31. Fusion left at the dealership will be the last chance for consumers in the market to bring a new Ford sedan home.

Fusion off-line: Ford officially ends production of cars in the U.S.

Ford confirmed that it plans to cancel every passenger car that dates back to the U.S. market in 2018, a decision made under retiring CEO Jim Hackett. Fiesta and Focus were the first to leave, followed by Taurus. Fusion was a little late until last week, when it continued to exist in Europe as Mondeo.

But as Ford says goodbye to the sedan, it will have more other products in production. Two new models could fill the gap left by Fiesta and Focus. A new pickup is smaller than Ranger, and it could be called Maverick.

As for Fusion, it can continue to exist. Earlier this year, Ford applied for the “Stormtrak” trademark in Europe, amid rumours that the car could indirectly replace Fusion. It will not be a traditional four-door sedan, but rather a Subaru Outback.

Ford told Roadshow that applying for a trademark is usually designed to protect a new (or existing) phrase, design or logo, but that doesn’t mean there’s any new business or product plan. Currently, the Stormtrak trademark has been approved.