Trump: Microsoft agrees to “be drawn” if the deal is done.

As the U.S. seeks to “dominate” TikTok to make global headlines, Trump said Wednesday that Microsoft and other companies interested in buying TikTok’s U.S. business have agreed to pay “a lot of money” to the U.S. Treasury if a deal is finalized. “If the acquisition of TikTok goes ahead, the U.S. should be compensated and receive a large sum of money properly because the U.S. makes the acquisition possible and there’s nothing they (both sides of the deal) can do without us,” Mr. Trump told the media.

(original title: Trump: Microsoft agrees to “get pumped” if deal is done

(Trump in a telephone interview with the media.Source:Fox Business)

The money will flow to the U.S. Treasury. By the way, Microsoft and other companies that are studying the acquisition have agreed. “

Who can be trusted by “people familiar with the matter” and Trump?

It’s worth noting that if Mr. Trump’s words were to be true, the media coverage had been “snapped”, but it was not clear whether Mr. Trump’s words were true or not.

(Source: Fox Business reporter Charles Gasparino twitter.

Charles Gasparino, a Fox Business reporter, tweeted on Tuesday: “People familiar with Microsoft’s negotiations with TikTok say there is almost a 0 probability that any of the two companies will pay the U.S. government. “

Mr. Trump said on Monday that he had no objection to Microsoft or other U.S. companies buying TikTok, but that the deal had to be completed by September 15 or the U.S. business would have to be closed and a portion of the exchange would have to go to the U.S. Treasury.

Domestic opposition to Mr. Trump’s bid for The TikTok, in the Us, argues that such a request lacks a legal basis. Tony Fratto, a former Treasury official, argues that any draw is unlikely, “except for normal tax obligations, whether microsoft, TikTok or ByteDance, there is no need to send checks to the US government.” “

If Mr. Trump’s “unjustified demands” are met, it could set a dangerous precedent. Jeffrey Bialos, a partner at eversheds Sutherland, said: “If all parties involved in the deal agree on this as a condition, then it is very difficult for anyone to challenge.” “