Microsoft has fixed the Windows 10 “no network connection” issue and has been tested on the Dev channel.

In late July, Microsoft acknowledged a problem with the Windows 10 May 2020 (20H1/Version 2004) feature update, which showed an incorrect Internet connection warning and could disable apps such as Spotify or the Microsoft Store. Now, Microsoft has released a fix patch and tested it in the Dev channel version, which will be distributed to users if there are no problems.

Based on user feedback, a yellow triangle warning appears on the network status icon in the system tray and a report is “unable to connect to the network.” The error may be displayed when your device is properly connected to the router.

One user responded: “I rebooted my laptop, the router, and reinstalled the driver for the network wireless adapter, but still showed this error message.”

Despite this incorrect network connection warning, users can still access the web page normally in their browser. However, apps such as Spotify, Cortana, Microsoft Store, and Feedback Hub all seem to have access to the server based on the network state of Windows 10. As a result, Spotify and other apps may not work properly when you have a false network status report.

The current temporary solution is as follows.

1. Open Windows Search.

2. Find “Registry Editor.”

3. Open the Registry Editor.

4. Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services/NlaSvc/Parameters/Internet”

5. Modify “EnableActiveProbing” and change the value from “0” to “1”.

6. Enable ActiveProbing.

7. Click “OK.”

8. Close the registry editor.

9. Restart the computer.

Microsoft has confirmed the issue in a forum post, it wrote.

Customers report “No Internet” access in the Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI) on Windows 10 Version 2004 devices, which in fact can ping Internet resources or browse websites using an Internet browser.