The director of “City of Philharmonic” features a “vertical” short film using the iPhone 11 Pro.

On Wednesday, local time, Apple shared a new clip of director Damien Chazelle filming the vertical proportions of the iPhone 11 Pro,media reported. The nine-minute Shot on iPhone short, named The Stunt Double, is described as a “cinematic journey.” As mentioned earlier, the film was shot by Chazere, an Oscar winner who has produced works such as “The City of the Philharmonic”, “Whiplash” and so on.

“From action movies to silent films, from spy movies to western films, classic types of movies have been upended, and the magic of the movies we know and loved has been rebuilt and modernized,” Apple wrote. “

In addition to the clip, Apple released a behind-the-scenes clip showing how Chazere used features such as the iPhone 11 Pro’s extended dynamic range and ultra-wide-angle lens to create the effect in the clip.

In addition to Chazere, the behind-the-scenes short film also featured photography director Linus Sandgren, production designer Shane Valentino and costume designer April Napier.

Although the short film is Apple’s first collaboration with Mr. Charese, the Cupertino-based technology giant has signed an agreement with the writer and director to produce content for Apple TV Plus as early as 2018.