Tesla may build a smaller Cybertruck for the European market.

Musk broke the news again on Twitter. He said a smaller Cybertruck could be launched for Europe. The Tesla CEO has been very proactive in providing details on social media about the Tesla all-electric pickup Cybertruck. For example, he said he planned to make it smaller than the prototype, which debuted in November 2019, but stressed that it would not affect its spacious interior.

Tesla may build a smaller Cybertruck for the European market.

And he eventually reversed the notion that the final production version of the Cybertruck would keep the prototype in size.

Tesla may build a smaller Cybertruck for the European market.

In the U.S., at least in terms of cars, the bigger the better, but Europeans have a somewhat different attitude towards private cars. That’s why, according to Musk’s recent response, a smaller version of cybertruck could be introduced for potential buyers from Europe.

Obviously, smaller Cybertrucks are “highly likely to be on the road.” If that’s the case, it would be the best way for European customers who still want pickups but don’t want their current size.

Recently, Musk also said that if the Cybertruck fails, Tesla is ready to plan Plan B, which includes building a regular model like all other pickup trucks, but electric.

“It’s not really worried, if it turns out that no one wants to buy a truck that looks strange, we’ll build an ordinary truck, no problem.” Musk said in a podcast earlier this week. At the time, he detailed that Tesla had never done any market research before the Cybertruck.

“There’s a lot of regular pickups out there that look pretty similar, you can hardly tell the difference. Of course, we can just do some ordinary-looking pickups, and that’s easy. So this is our Plan B. “

So the final production version of Cybertruck may have two trends – a smaller Cybertruck for Europe and a more normal-looking pickup.