Microsoft pushes a beta version of Windows 10 20H1 Build 19025 to a slow preview channel

The Windows 10 20H1 Preview Build 19025 beta is a regular fix version of Microsoft’s push to the Quick Preview Channel on November 15. This version also brings improved system search capabilities, which Microsoft says can reduce the occupancy of disk read and write.

目前这个版本已被推送给参与预览计划的慢速通道用户 ,  当前快速通道最新版为昨天发布的Build 19028测试版。

It’s worth noting that none of the recent betas have substantial new features, and it is recommended to test direct virtual machine installations if you want to experience beta.

Microsoft pushes a beta version of Windows 10 20H1 Build 19025 to a slow preview channel

Improve performance in system search:

System search capabilities in the official update already provide basic and enhanced modes, the basic mode of which is mainly to find files with specific file names and key content.

Enhanced mode searches for any keyword-related content throughout the system, including file names, file content, settings, and even part of the web content.

By default, the system only turns on basic search mode and does not enable enhanced search mode, which requires more processor resources, etc.

To solve the problem that the enhanced mode of search consumes too much hardware resources, Microsoft is developing new algorithms to optimize the use of processor and hard disk resources by search.

The company says the new algorithm automatically monitors the user’s active time, enables enhanced mode when idle and then automatically indexes files across the computer.

Microsoft says the new algorithm will primarily adjust the indexer for optimized management to ensure that the use of disks can be reduced to mitigate system performance issues.

Build 19025 other improvements:

1. This update has fixed an issue where windows Sandbox sandbox and Windows Application Guard protection services are not working.

2. This update has fixed an issue where some fingerprint identification modules have not worked since the Windows 10 20H1 Preview Build 19013 beta.

3. This update has optimized the pop-up problems of some modern UI components under multi-monitor, which may cause the pop-up module to be too large or too small.

4. This update has fixed issues where some recent versions cannot log on, fixes issues where some devices cannot complete verification using Windows Hello, and so on.

5. This update has fixed the problem that the local computer can display normally after connecting to the remote computer, but the local computer mouse pointer disappears.

6. This update has been fixed after the magnifying glass function is enabled on a device with multiple monitors, the magnifying glass may experience unexpected jitter causing a problem of not seeing.

7. This update has been fixed when a fixed touch keyboard is used on a large screen, the touch keyboard may stretch beyond the width of the display without adapting.

There are also some known issues in this release:

1. Microsoft has determined that the Battl Eye anti-cheat module used by Blizzard Games is incompatible, based on this Microsoft suspension to the user installing the module to push the new version.

2. Microsoft received user feedback that some hyperlinks such as MS-SETS: etc. can not work, for this issue, Microsoft will also investigate and analyze the cause.

3. Microsoft received user feedback that optional updates to the printer-driven installation will still show that the need to install, Microsoft is currently on this issue is also under investigation.

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