Scientists have developed surreal isathing masks that can deceive others like the masks of “Spy in the Disc”

According tomedia CNET reported that the “disc spy” of clever agents by wearing camouflage “human mask” to deceive the enemy. In reality, scientists have developed a surreal mask, or comparable to the mask of “Spy in the Disc”.

Researchers at the University of York in the UK and the University of Kyoto in Japan have found that ultra-realistic silicone masks that mimic everything from freckles and wrinkles to hair may be used to deceive others. The study, published Wednesday in the journal Cognitive Research: Principles and Investigations, showed photographs of participants from the UK and Japan, one with ordinary people and the other with a silicone mask. Participants had to pick which one was a mask, but they had a 20% chance of making a mistake.

“In our study, participants had several advantages over the average person in their daily lives,” Rob Jenkins, a psychologist at the University of York, said in a press release Wednesday. We showed participants that their task was to identify the masks in each set of images and to show them the sample masks before the test began. “

The researchers expect a higher rate of errors in the real world because people may not know what a mask of reality looks like. Earlier this year the BBC reported that a man who wore a silicone mask posing as a senior French government official had defrauded the rich tens of millions of euros.

Researcher Jet Sanders said: “These masks are currently priced at around 1,000 pounds each, and as manufacturing technology advances, they will become cheaper and we hope they will be used more widely.” “

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