Trump Cook Visits Apple Texas Plant: Talk ingress about American Manufacturing

U.S. President Donald Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook visited a manufacturing facility in Texas on Wednesday,media reported. This is a factory used by Apple to assemble Mac Pro desktop computers. The visit symbolized the close relationship that Mr. Trump and Mr. Cook had shown to the public and gave the president the opportunity to prove to the public that America’s leading companies are practicing “Made in America,” something Mr. Trump has long emphasized.

  ”I often talk about Apple and say I want Apple to build the plant in the United States, and now they’re doing the same,” Trump told reporters after a visit to the plant. I also have great respect for Tim Cook. “

  The relationship between Mr. Trump and Mr. Cook, who is part of a major presidential advisory board, has grown over the past few years.

  The factory, which was owned by Flex, was visited on Wednesday and its main mission was to create Apple’s Mac Pro, a high-end computer that starts at $6,000. The last Mac Pro has also been assembled at the plant since 2013. Instead of owning or operating its own manufacturing facility, Apple has contracted companies such as Flex to make its own products. A Flex spokesman declined to comment.

  Apple doesn’t break Down Mac sales by product line, but it’s known that the Mac family has the lowest sales of its computer products and the only one assembled in the U.S. In 2018, Apple’s iPhone will ship 218 million units, the vast majority of which are assembled in China.

  Mac Pro is “an example of American design, American production, and American ingenuity,” Cook said.

  In June, Apple unveiled a new Mac Pro design. At the time, the company did not say where the new Mac Pro would be produced. Butmedia have pointed out that the new Mac Pro will be assembled in China.

  Earlier this year, Apple applied for a tariff waiver for the 15 parts it needed to assemble the computer. In September, after 10 parts were granted a tariff exemption, Apple said it planned to continue assembling the new Mac Pro at its original Mac Pro plant in Texas. The latest Mac Pro is expected to go on sale in December.

  ”We appreciate the opportunity given by the government,” Cook said in a statement at the time.

  On Wednesday, Apple also announced that construction of the planned Austin campus would begin. When completed, the park will accommodate 15,000 employees.

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