Tom Hanks is in talks to join Disney’s live-action version of “Pinocchio” to play the old carpenter Gabit.

Tom Hanks is in talks to play Robert Zemegis in Disney’s live-action “Puppet Adventures,” which stars The Old Carpenter who carved the puppet Pinocchio, according tomedia Sources. Sources said talks were still in its early stages, but Hanks had contacted the Zemigis director after reading the script to say he was willing to star in the film.

The reality-it-day “Cinderella” screenwriter Chris Weisz co-wrote the screenplay with Zemegis.

Old carpenter Gabitt (right)

If Hanks finally succeeds in the film, it will be his fourth collaboration with Robert Zemegis, who is based on “The Journey of Agan” and “The Rest of the Desert Island.”