Apple: The company has lost money on its repair business every year since 2009

While Apple’s share of the smartphone market has never been enough to justify what it calls a monopoly, U.S. lawmakers have recently come up with the idea of investigating alleged antitrust practices at big technology companies,media reported. In response, a few months ago, Congress sent a letter to Apple seeking answers on a range of questions, including how it conducts business.

Apple: The company has lost money on its repair business every year since 2009

It seems that some of the issues raised by Congress indicate a lack of understanding of Apple’s overall business and technology. Still, Apple answers these “simple” questions, many of which are traditional boilerplates, but there is an interesting detail worth noting. That said, Congress asked Apple how much money it made from product repair, and Apple’s answer was that it actually lost money on product repair:

Question: For each year beginning in 2009, please list Apple’s total revenue from the repair service.

Answer: Since 2009, the annual cost of providing maintenance services has exceeded the revenue generated by the repair.

Apple also stressed that the company has a variety of provisions for iPhone repair to prevent devices from being harmed. For example, Apple prevents independent repair stores from acquiring real Apple accessories because they fear that repairs by untrained technicians may not follow proper safety and repair procedures, and may result in improper functionality, product quality, or safety issues. In addition, if the screws are not replaced properly, loose parts may be left behind, which can damage components such as batteries and further overheat or cause damage to the equipment.

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