Intel’s 10th-generation Core KA series processorist: custom-made for SE’s “Reuniting” game.

Impressionist friends may recall the elusive appearance last month of four new Intel 10-generation Core processors ending with KA. However, the latest revelations suggest that the so-called KA series is not unusual, as Intel is preparing for the september 5 release of The Marvel Avengers, the product’s full name Intel Core i9-10900K Avengers Edition.

As far as the current information is known, there is no other difference between the new processor ordinary version with K’s non-lock frequency version except the outer packaging.

Unlike the previous burst of the clear-colored i9, the products that appeared this time include i5-10600KA, i7-10700KA, i9-10850KA and i9-10900KA.

As of the deadline, only some e-commerce sites in Asia to see this batch of KA processors, but considering the game is friendly to users in Europe and the United States, there is no reason not to go global listing.

It is reported that the reason for the cooperation is that last year Intel confirmed to be SE distribution game “Marvel Avenger Alliance” PC hardware partner.