July China’s App Store Mobile Game Revenue Rankings: Tencent’s two games occupy the top two.

On the morning of August 7, the Sensor Tower Store Intelligence Platform showed that in July 2020, China’s Mobile Game publisherranked the world’s App Store and Google Play in revenue. The 30 publishers on the list took in $1.83 billion globally in July, accounting for 27% of the current global mobile game revenue. Special Note: This report only counts publisher revenue and does not include third-party Android channels in China. The list is based on estimates from the Sensor Tower Store Intelligence Platform on August 5, 2020.

China Mobile game publisher sits on Top30.

The company’s “Three Kingdoms Fantasy Mainland” has been strong since its launch at the end of June, driving a 40% jump in publisher revenue in July. This issue of the three-country theme Mobile Game ranked 3rd and 5th in China’s App Store Mobile Game, with the number of top 5 games on the list comparable to Tencent’s.

Recently, the tour network in the Japanese market, following the introduction of the “Junior Three Kingdoms 2” Japanese version, the introduction of the second yuan card mobile game in early July “Red: Pride of Eden” (レ ド: イドオ エデ), publisher revenue increased by 30% month-on-month, a record high. Japanese players accounted for 47.4% of Rangers’ revenue for the current period. In Japan’s Mobile Game publisher revenue list, The Tour rose from 20th place in June to 15th in the current issue, surpassing local manufacturers such as SEGA and DeNA.

Thanks to the excellent market performance of the magical epic Mobile Game’s New World, Perfect World’s revenue jumped 93% month-on-month and returned to No. 7 on the list.

July China's App Store Mobile Game Revenue Rankings: Tencent's two games occupy the top two.

The blue porcelain game “The Strongest Snail” has not fallen out of China’s iPhone Mobile game top 10. This season, the game’s revenue increased 170 percent month-on-month, making the game’s drop-off China Mobile game publisher ranked 15th and the world’s Mobile game publisher 50th, following Nintendo Mobile Game. At present, “the strongest snail” has landed in the Hong Kong and Taiwan market, and successfully entered the top of the best-selling list.

Miha Tour’s “Breaking Bad 3” welcomed a new role on July 9, summer events, major updates such as Main Line 18 chapters, and publisher revenue increased 84% month-on-month, successfully returning to 23rd place on the list. Publishers of women to Mobile game “undetermined event book” since the end of July, the average download fee for the same period 3.4 times, the follow-up market performance is worth looking forward to.

The Babel-era “Letting Go of the Three Kingdoms 3” landed in the Chinese market in mid-July, and immediately gained popularity among IP fans, with publisher revenue reaching a record high of 19 times in June and making it 28th on the list and 82nd in mobile game global. Looking at the current number of popular three-country card card Mobile game, “Put 33” has so far been listed on average to pay 12.2 Dollars for download, with the “Junior Three Kingdoms” in China’s App Store in the same period of the same indicators, about 50% of the “Three Kingdoms Fantasy Continent” target for the same period. “Put Three 3” pioneering join subscription service, or will bring light players a better paid experience.

On the list, China’s Mobile Game publishers shortlisted for The Top 100 include Six Waves, Multi-Interest Networks, Tap4Fun and Hero Mutual.

China App Store Mobile Game Revenue Top20.

With the new tour concentrated near the summer market, the head of the China App Store Mobile game has broken the old list, with the top 20 revenue in July.

July China's App Store Mobile Game Revenue Rankings: Tencent's two games occupy the top two.


The domestic Mobile game market is tightly regulated, with fewer new tours available to players, but players’ enthusiasm for the game has not diminished. Recent works such as “The Strongest Snail” and “Letting Go To The Three Countries 3” have witnessed the success of mid-sized manufacturers in the Chinese market with a single product, breaking the possibility of top 100 revenue from mobile game publishers worldwide. On the one hand, the regulation of the number of the entry significantly raised the entry threshold, on the other hand, to give the local boutique Mobile game more market space. At the same time, after the domestic market verification of products, its success rate will be further enhanced.