You can run 120 kilometers in 5 minutes on charge! Tesla’s 250kW power charging real-life shot continues to soar.

Today, some netizens uploaded a video of the Tesla Model 3, a V3 super charging pile, with a charging power of up to 250kW. As can be seen from the video, the model 3’s remaining range, but also to rise, less than 1 minute of charging time, the range increased by more than 20 kilometers.

And it takes only 35 minutes to fully charge, even shorter than the full-charge time of some phones.

You can run 120 kilometers in 5 minutes on charge! Tesla's 250kW power charging real-life shot continues to soar.

Compared to other electric cars, the Model 3 does charge a lot faster on the V3 super-charged pile.

At the end of last year, Tesla built the country’s first V3 super-charged pile at the Jinqiao Super Charging Station in Shanghai, and officially opened to the public. Today, Tesla has deployed more V3 super-fillings in other cities.

It is reported that the V3 super charging pile using a new battery control strategy and power electronic components, its maximum charging power of up to 250KW, performance than the current widespread use of The V2 super charging pile doubled (currently V2 super-charge pile power is about 120KW).

In the case of the Tesla Model 3 long-range version, the 5-minute charge increases its range by about 120 km in peak power conditions, and the average user charging time is reduced by about 50% in the ideal case.

At the same time, in order to solve the phenomenon of high-power charging cable heating phenomenon, Tesla has adopted a liquid-cooled cable, making the charging harness lighter and more user-friendly for female users.

In addition to faster charging, the Tesla Model 3’s range is also increasing at the same time.

At present, the domestic model 3 models, there are three NEDC life models, respectively, the standard battery-life rear drive upgrade version 445km, high-performance all-wheel drive version 600km, and long-range rear drive version 668km, the corresponding price is 271.55 million, 4198 million, 34.405 million yuan.