Is the new Edge really better than Chrome?

Microsoft has been releasing a new Version of the Edge browser based on the Chromium kernel for some time, and not long ago, the new Edge browser was pushed to all users through Windows Update, showing that Microsoft has a lot of confidence in it. So can the new Edge really challenge Chrome? In these months, the author of the new version of Edge for a more detailed and in-depth experience, here to share with you some of the experience.

More features than Chrome?

As far as the author’s personal experience is concerned, the answer to this question is yes.

The new Edge browser is based on Chromium, which means Edge will do the same for many of Chrome’s features. For example, The Edge browser is fully compatible with Chrome extensions, which can install extensions directly through the Chrome Store. Not only that, Edge even supports Chrome’s theme skin (see tutorial here), a feature that some other Chromium browsers don’t have.

Is the new Edge really better than Chrome?

Chromium Edge can download extensions directly from the Chrome Store.

Is the new Edge really better than Chrome?

You can also install Chrome themes directly, and the interface is completely new!

Thanks to the kernel, Edge has the power and Chrome’s parity. But beyond that, Edge has a lot of great features that Chrome doesn’t have!

Reading mode.

This is one of the best features of word-of-mouth in Edge. Reading mode has become popular in the old-engineEd Edge browser, and now the new Chromium Edge has inherited this feature. On some pages, the address bar displays a “enter an immersive reader” logo, and clicking on the page will be patterned into an e-book-like board, making it easier to read articles and novels.

Is the new Edge really better than Chrome?

Chromium Edge supports reading mode.

Read aloud.

Edge supports reading the contents of the text aloud, which is a very convenient feature if you need to use it with one mind.

Is the new Edge really better than Chrome?

You can read the content sit aloud.

PDF reading.

This is one of Edge’s great advantages over Chrome – both the old Edge and the new Edge. Although Edge’s PDF reading is not as smooth as it used to be, the experience is still much better than Chrome’s, and the benefits of note-taking are inherited.

Is the new Edge really better than Chrome?

Edge’s PDF reading annotations are even better.

IE mode.

This is a boon for some online silver security shields or old institutional websites. In the latest edition of Edge Canary, native IE open mode has been added. While Chrome can also do this through extensions, the implementation is certainly not as good as Edge native.

Is the new Edge really better than Chrome?

The latest Canary version of Edge browser has been added to IE Open Mode.

Edge browser has less memory than Chrome?

Say the feature, then the performance. Thanks to the Chromium kernel, Edge and Chrome are at similar speeds and supported web-advanced features are almost synchronized. The biggest difference between the two, however, is memory footprint.

Chrome is known to consume a lot of memory, and Edge has an advantage in this regard. In Windows 10 2004, Microsoft brought the SegmentHeap feature, which reduces the memory footprint of the Edge browser by 27%. So far, Chrome has made it clear that it doesn’t support the feature, so Edge has a clear advantage over Chrome in terms of memory usage.

Is the new Edge really better than Chrome?

Chrome thinks SegmentHeap will bring down the number of running points, so it’s not supporting it for the time being.

Of course, SegmentHeap isn’t all good either, it adds to the CPU’s burden to some extent. But now the CPU performance has already been surplus, in the six-core octa-core everywhere, the current, this technology is still more reasonable. If you’re really overwhelmed with memory, Edge is more of a choice than Chrome.

Is the Edge browser more suitable for the national situation?

This is the obvious advantage of The Edge browser over Chrome. It is well known that Chrome uses Google cloud services, the domestic connection is not good, and Edge’s cloud services do not exist this problem, bookmarks, history and other synchronization, there is no barrier.

Is the new Edge really better than Chrome?

Edge’s sync is better than Chrome’s.

Unlike the older Edge, the new Edge browser is based on the Chromium kernel, so it also has more powerful cross-platform capabilities, with corresponding versions on PCs and phones, and smooth cloud services are even more valuable.

In addition, the Edge browser installation extension is more grounded than Chrome. The Chrome Store is hard to access at home, so many Chrome users can only find the crx file installation on their own, while The Edge browser can install extensions through the Chrome Store, as well as its own extension store, which can be connected smoothly.

Is the new Edge really better than Chrome?

Edge’s extended store is easy to access in the country.

As a result, Edge is definitely more in line with Chrome’

Doesn’t have a threshold for Chrome-Edge?

All that comes to being a lot of Edge, but a lot of friends are old Chrome users, and data like bookmarks is on Chrome’s side. It is too high to change the browser, the transfer cost? I really don’t have to worry.

Edge browser can import all of Chrome’s data, including favorites, history, passwords, and more, to Edge. That is, if you want to switch from Chrome to Edge, the experience is almost no different, migration is very convenient, there is no threshold.


In addition, The Edge browser has the advantages of deep integration with Win10 search, scrolling smooth smoothness (Chrome’s smoothing algorithm is contributed from the Edge team), and so on. In the domestic environment, the author believes, Edge’s comprehensive experience is indeed better than Chrome’s. When everyone laughed at Windows pre-installed IE’s biggest role was to download Chrome, now it’s time for Chrome to fidget.