Apple CEO proud of making new Mac Pro in Texas

On the afternoon of November 20, Apple CEO Tim Cook and U.S. President Donald Trump visited Apple’s plant in Texas, where Apple will produce some new Mac Pros,media reported. Mr Cook said he was “proud” to be able to produce a new Mac Pro in the US.

Apple CEO proud of making new Mac Pro in Texas

Apple plans to assemble the new Mac Pro at its austin-based plant, assemble the devices at its Texas plant and eventually sell them across the United States. In addition, Apple will assemble the 2013 Mac Pro at the same plant in Texas.

“We’re really proud to make Mac Pro here,” Cook said. “

Asked why the iPhone was still made in China, Cook responded that the iPhone was made around the world, including the United States , “the product of the global supply chain.” Cook also said that although the Mac Pro was assembled in Texas, there are no plans to assemble the iPhone in the United States.

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