Google Stadia handle disassembly: routine exhaustion can’t open and finally rely on a cutter

From metal-in-one molding designs to glass-metal-glass sandwich designs, smartphones are becoming increasingly difficult to repair. Even in officially authorized service centers, technicians require complex training and specialized tools to carry out maintenance tasks. Google seems to have adopted the same design concept on the Stadia handle, which has virtually no seams or snaps, and even a professional disassembler needs a cutter to open it.

Google Stadia handle disassembly: routine exhaustion can't open and finally rely on a cutter

Google has spent a lot of energy designing the Stadia gamepad, which is not only comfortable to hold, but also more outstanding, which inevitably takes a lot of time and money. Gamers Nexus almost exhausted the conventional method of disassembly when dismantling the Stadia handle, first turning the screw swayed on the back of the handle, then using a heating gun to melt the glue for the fix, using a crowbar and other means can not open properly, and finally he chose dremel saw to violently disassemble it.

After finally opening the Stadia handle, it was discovered that Google used a larger clip to hold the two parts together, so it could not simply open things with a hoe and a screwdriver. And Google did everything it could in its design process to eliminate the need for any external screws, and used unconventional accessories inside. This means that even those with disassembly experience or tools can hardly repair the Stadia handle.

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