Data breach class-action lawsuits settled by Google Plus users up to $12 in damages.

Google has reached a settlement in a class-action lawsuit over the data breach by Google Plus, a search giant that will pay $7.5 million to settle the dispute. People with a Google Plus account can claim $12 in compensation, but the actual amount may be slightly less. It is reported that the leak stems from a vulnerability in the People API.

Data breach class-action lawsuits settled by Google Plus users up to $12 in damages.

(From: Gogole Plus Data Litigation)

Although Google discovered and fixed the vulnerability in October 2018, the data breach may be able to go back all the way back to 2015. At the time, Google argued that no developer sought to be aware of the vulnerability and did not admit that any data had been compromised.

The matter turned out to be the last straw to crush the social media service, prompting Google to draw up plans to shut down the service. The company explained that the user base is losing less, so it’s time to shut it down.

However, another leak two months later ignored privacy settings, shaking out users’ names, email addresses, occupations and ages, and estimated that 52.5 million people were affected.

Despite the lack of significant consequences for the information made public, Google decided to bring the limit to four months ahead of google plus (the service ends on April 2, 2019).

While reaching a settlement over the class action, Google still denies any improper action and does not believe that any member involved in the lawsuit has suffered any form of damage as a result of the security breach.

It is understood that users who have a Google Plus account and have disclosed their profile data between January 1, 2015 and April 2, 2019 are eligible to file a claim by October 8, 2020.

After the November 19 hearing, the final settlement amount will be issued via PayPal or digital checks, and users can learn more on the website.