Can drinking water replenish the minerals you need every day? In fact, even less than 1%.

We go to the supermarket to buy bottled water, the most common is basically two, has been almost free of any impurities of pure water, such as Yibao, and the other is containing minerals and other trace elements of natural water or mineral water, such as farmer sage, Yiyun and so on. Regardless of which type of water, they are inherently safe to drink, but for many years there has been a view that pure water is not suitable for long-term drinking, because it causes the human body to be missing trace elements, not good for health.

Including the current many water purifier brands, but also have introduced can filter impurities while retaining minerals products, in order to attract users to buy.

Drinking water to replenish minerals has little effect.

Minerals are essential trace elements of the human body, but our body can not synthesize themselves, so need to be replenished daily, because natural water or mineral water contains potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and other mineral elements, these mineral elements can indeed play a role in our daily single diet structure to play a certain complementary role.

However, the fact that drinking water is not one of the most important sources of mineral elements in the human body, the internet said that long-term drinking pure water may lead to inadequate intake of human mineral elements there is no scientific basis.

We can simply calculate how much water an adult male needs about 800mg of calcium, 2000mg of potassium, and 350mg of magnesium a day, assuming that these minerals are all replenished by water. In the case of Farmer Mountain Springs, according to the list of nutrients on the bottle, the corresponding amount of drinking water is about 2000ml, 57142ml and 7000ml.

Can drinking water replenish the minerals you need every day? In fact, even less than 1%.

According to our Dietary Guidelines (2016), adult men are advised to drink more than 1,700 ml of water per day, and adult women need more than 1500 ml. In this way, it is obviously unrealistic to drink so much water to replenish the minerals.

According to another algorithm, assuming that drinking 1700 ml of farmer’s mountain spring every day, the calcium, potassium and magnesium that can be replenished are 6.8mg, 0.595mg and 0.85mg respectively, accounting for 0.85%, 0.029% and 0.24% of the total daily intake of trace elements. As you can see, drinking water is less than 1% of the total.

 Talk is better than nothing, but keeping clean is the premise.

While drinking water to replenish minerals has little effect, it doesn’t mean that drinking mineral water or buying a water purifier that retains minerals is a waste of money. Minerals are less, it is better than no, and minerals have a benefit, is to improve the taste of water, some people like to drink farmer sandals, some people like to drink Yibao, water although not taste, but there is a taste.

However, I would like to say that all this premise is based on the clean water, if for the sake of minerals, and sacrifice cleanliness, it is not worth the loss. Now the mainstream water purifieron on the market has two main, one is RO reverse osmosis water purifier, the other is ultrafiltration water purifier.

Can drinking water replenish the minerals you need every day? In fact, even less than 1%.

RO reverse osmosis water purifier filtration accuracy is very high, not only can filter out bacteria, residual chlorine, etc. , but also filter heavy metals, while the minerals are gone, in short, out of the water is almost pure water.

Ultrafiltration water purifier filtration accuracy is slightly worse than RO, but also basically can meet the requirements of direct drinking water, such as rust sand, bacteria, residual chlorine can be removed, while retaining minerals. The only problem is that it is helpless when it comes to heavy metals, so the use of ultrafiltration water purifiers to combine local water quality.

Generally speaking, heavy metal pollution in areas, such as nearby chemical plants, paper mills, etc., or to use ultrafiltration water purifiers. Although in theory municipal tap water should not contain heavy metals, but the actual situation who dare not say, we all understand. In the water quality itself is better in the region, only need to filter some impurities, bacteria, then ultrafiltration water purifier is good, retained minerals talk better than nothing.

In fact, in order to meet the needs of the public, there is now a membrane color spectrum water purifier can be retained minerals under the premise of the removal of heavy metals, the disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high, the price compared to ordinary water purifier spent a lot, not suitable for ordinary families.

China’s water standards and international standards, boiling and drinking rest assured.

I have talked to you before, some people in Europe and the United States like to drink tap water directly, not to indicate that their water quality is safe, more because they have the habit of drinking cold water, feel so convenient.

When China has designated the new version of drinking water standards, drinking water standards have been achieved in line with international standards. The selection of the new standard water quality project and index value takes full account of the actual situation of our country, and refers to the World Health Organization’s Drinking Water Quality Guidelines and drinking water standards in the European Union, the United States, Russia and Japan.

Even so, I would recommend that you boil and drink, boiling not only to kill bacteria, but also to reduce the hardness of water and residual chlorine. The water quality in northern China is generally hard, that is, calcium-magnesium ions are more, although there is no research shows that drinking hard water will affect health, but there are also the ories that long-term intake of excessive calcium and magnesium ions will induce stones, hair loss and other diseases.

Waterplants are generally disinfected with chlorine dioxide and bleaching powder (containing chloride), so there will be residual chlorine in the water factory. I have measured a lot of water sources, such as tap water, boiling water, bottled water, water purifiers, has not found the case of residual chlorine exceeds the standard, but the regional results are also different, burning a burn is more assured.


On the topic of drinking water safety, health, has never stopped, in fact, the conclusion is very simple, the cleanliness of drinking water is the only thing we need to pay attention to, as for the addition of minerals and so on, there is no need to tangled, there is better, no and no matter. Therefore, we usually drink water or purchase water purifier, as long as the water is clean enough.