How do I enable the new Windows 10X Touch Keyboard on Windows 10?

We all know that Microsoft has delayed Windows 10X support for dual-screen hardware, and it is expected that versions of keyboardless dual-screen devices will only appear sometime in 2022. Fortunately, Microsoft says it will bring some new technologies in Windows 10X to Windows 10, and with the release of Windows 10 Insider Build 20185, Microsoft has taken the first step by adding a new Windows 10X touch keyboard and emoji panel to its operating system.

However, the new on-screen keyboard is a hidden feature that needs to be unlocked to see.

Let’s learn how to unlock this major new feature:

First, you need to install Windows 10 Insider Build 20185, in other words, you need to be a Windows 10 Insider development channel, which also brings the ability to run Android apps on your PC.

How do I enable the new Windows 10X Touch Keyboard on Windows 10?

1. Download and unzip the Mach2 program from GitHub after installation, here.

2. Shift-right-click in this folder and start PowerShell (Administrator).

3. Enter. Mach2.exe enable 20438551 and press Enter.

4. Restart the computer.

Now you should be able to use the new Touch Panel panel, which can be used in Windows via Windows Keys . Start it.

It’s unclear whether Microsoft will roll out these innovations to regular Windows 10 users, but it’s good to see that the development effort squandered.