The “Suicide Squad” game version may not be available until the end of 2016.

Warner Bros. has announced that Rocksteady will officially release “Suicide Squad” on August 22, the first game Rocksteady has developed since “Batman VR” was released in 2016. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier revealed the inside story of the game. Schreier revealed that Warner Bros. Montreal Studios had previously developed a “Suicide Squad” game, but it was canceled at the end of 2016.

Then, perhaps at the end of 2016 or 2017, Rocksteady began developing their own Suicide Squad game.

Schreier also said that while the game will be announced on DC Fandome, he doesn’t expect much to be released, with some time to go before it goes on sale.

The release of The Suicide Squad confirmed earlier rumors that Rocksteady was developing a “Suicide Squad” game called Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, while Warner Bros. Montreal Studios is developing a “Batman” game, codenamed “Gotham Knight.”

Nether Realm, the developer of mortal Kombat and Unjust League, has also confirmed that it will take part in the August 22 fan event “DC FanDome” and is likely to announce a new fight.