Weighing 25 metric tons: Japan’s second full-size robot was born.

Fans of the anime robot can now see the life-size giant at the High-rise factory in Yokohama, outside Tokyo, Japan,media reported. It is reported that the construction of the giant robot was completed on July 29. Up to 18 meters high and weighing 25 metric tons. Because this Yokohama aswell is made of a mechanical skeleton, its body parts — including arms and legs — can move. Engineers tested the movement of his legs, arms and torso on July 5.

Weighing 25 metric tons: Japan's second full-size robot was born.

Yokohama’s Asad is the second full-size RX-78 built in Japan, the first of which stands at the Tokyo Terrace.

Yokohama’s Asa plant was due to open in the summer, but has been delayed by the new crown outbreak, with the re-opening due to October.