20G-sized Intel secret data breach and disclosure: Password “Intel123”

Intel may have suffered a major data breach. Swiss IT consultant/engineer Tillie Kottmann posted a link on Twitter with 20G of data, all of which intel leaked secret intellectual property data. These include documents for chip design and code for chip engineering.

Tillie Kottmann said he obtained the link from an anonymous source, most of which was Intel’s legally protected intellectual property. The engineer said he was told it was data that Intel had been hacked and stolen earlier this year. “They gave this to me through anonymous sources, and they hacked in and obtained the information earlier this year, and more details will be released later.”

“This is the first 20G of a flood of Intel information leaks. Most of these things were first-time, previously kept secret under confidentiality agreements and Intel’s internal restrictions. “

The Twitter account has now been frozen.

Tillie Kottmann was able to receive gifts from hackers because he ran a popular Telegram channel that often published data that had been maliciously compromised by large technology and IT companies that had been leaked to Github, cloud servers and online portals. It has been revealed that the 20G-sized package has a password, the password is “Intel123” or “intel123”. It could be a password set internally by Intel itself.

Intel has launched an investigation. “We are investigating the situation,” they said. The leaked data appears to be from the Intel Resources and Design Center, which holds a lot of information, mainly to our customers, partners and external parties, and requires registration to be read. We believe it was someone with access who shared the data without permission. “

Notably, the data included nondisclosure agreements with Centerm, a Chinese company, so the company’s data may have been hacked and compromised. The data currently disclosed does not contain sensitive or personal data, and the personal information of Intel customers and employees is secure. But it is impossible to determine how much information the hackers have.

The anonymous source also said more significant, more secretive information would be leaked in the future. The hacker also revealed that he found an Intel server on an underprotected CDN and scanned many files through python scripts, either without a password or with a default password. And the compromised software also contains multiple back doors.