WindowSwap: “Windows of the World” under the Epidemic

About two months ago, Sonali Ranjit and Vaishnav Balasubramaniam became restless during the most stringent isolation of Singapore’s new crown virus,media BGR reported. One day, while browsing Instagram, he found a post from a friend who lives in Barcelona. The friend shared a photo of himself looking out of the window.

“I remember him complaining that he was tired of it – of course he was locked up — but it was incredible for us,” Ranjit told BGR by email. When we came up with the idea, we joked about how much we wanted to swap places with him. If we can’t swap positions, maybe we can swap window views. Pretend we’ve been somewhere else for a while. “

Pretending to be elsewhere is the motivation behind the birth of the WindowSwap site, which was launched in June by two creatives and free developer Maryam Touimi Benjelloun. The idea is for people from all over the world to take video clips of what they see out of their homes or apartment windows for 10 minutes and submit them to the site. So far, hundreds of people from all over the world have done so.

Enjoying this site on a large, wide computer screen may be the best way to get through the tough times.

The couple told BGR that they had received more than 3,000 submissions since launching the WindowsSwap website. “People seem to like it for a variety of reasons, ” says Ranjit. This can soothe them, or give them a sense of calm, or satisfy their inner voyeurism. Some say it helps their homesickness. Others say it helps make up for their cancelled travel plans. We are very happy to touch so many people all over the world. “