“Project creation function” that allows you to register your favorite places and add images and text to Google Earth is like this & how to use it

Google Earth is a virtual globe service provided by Google that allows users to freely browse the globe sway consisting of satellite and high-resolution photos from around the world on a PC. Google Earth has a new “project creation function” that allows you to register and list your favorite locations, add your own favorite text and images, and mark on a map. Create your own maps and stories in Google Earthhttps://blog.google/products/earth/new-google-earth-creation-tools/ you can see what the project creation features added to Google Earth and how they can be used can be seen in the movie below. Google Earth Tutorial: Intro to Creation Tools – YouTube Google Earth’s project creation feature lets you store locations, photos, and text information on a map together.

Your project is stored in Google Drive, just like Google Docs and Google Sheets, so you can easily open Google Earth to check out the projects you created earlier.

To create a project, click the placemark icon on the left side of the Google Earth screen.

Select “New Project”……

Click the pencil icon.

You can then enter a title for the project.

Your entry is automatically stored in Google Drive, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Then find the location on the map that you want to add to the project. In the movie, you type “Grand Canyon” in the search bar……

View the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.

Click “Add to project” from the information panel at the top right.

If you check the name at the time of saving and the name of the project to save, click “Save”……

The Grand Canyon has been added to the project’s item list. You can add multiple locations to the list, so you can add your favorite locations and memory locations to build a project that follows a single theme.

In addition to searching for a place by entering a place name or building name from the search bar, you can also mark a location on the map by clicking the “Add placemark” icon at the bottom left.

You can mark any place on the map so that you can add it to your project. If you click “Edit” before clicking “Save”……

You can also add information about the selected location, such as photos, movies, and text that you took. You can add information not only when you add it to a list, but also after you add it to a list.

You can line up the various places on Google Earth in the list and see them whenever you want.

You can also add not only specific points, but also rivers by line or shapes around specific areas.

If you click on the human oid icon in the upper left……

You can share your project with others via email.

Click the Present button to see your project as if it were a presentation.

Click the arrow in the table of contents bar at the bottom left to move anywhere in the project list.

When I actually opened Google Earth in Chrome, it was possible to create a “new project” with a Japanese guide.

The project content is stored in Google Drive, so you’ll need to sign in to your Google account to use the project creation feature.

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