The return of the classic American drama “The Ranger” will be produced by Wen Ziren on the big screen.

Recently, according tomedia reports, the 80’s popular United States and the introduction of the mainland’s classic sci-fi drama “Ranger” finally by Hollywood, will return to make a new film, the new version of the “Ranger” film project has made new progress, has been determined by “Speed and Passion 7” “Sea King” director Wen Ziren’s “Atomic Monster” film company and “telescope media” jointly built, Wen Ziren will be the production of the film.

Originally published in 1982, “The Ranger” starred David Hasselhoff, who starred as Mike Knight, who decided to step up and punish evil after he was shot, working with a self-made millionaire to develop KITT, a smart car, and embark on a “superhero” journey.

The smart car, known as The Kit, has a range of special features, most notably fireproof, artificial intelligence that speaks people and has a powerful ability to run to 300 miles per hour. Although these features do not seem like much black technology at the time, they were a good new concept at the time. “The Ranger” was filmed for four seasons, and also derived from related works, the subject was remade in 2008 into a new American drama, but only for one season. There was also much discussion about the new episode project, but it didn’t take shape.

The film version of “Game of Thrones” has also been planned for a long time, contacted a number of well-known directors, including “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn, as well as a number of “Speed and Passion” director Lin Yibin, but did not agree, this time to find Wen Ziren Although Wen Ziren is best known for the horror film series, but the director of “Speed and Passion 7” is also well received, it is clear that he is also a director who knows how to “car romance”, but he is too busy, there are “Sea King 2” and other blockbuster projects, So it is estimated that there is no way to personally serve as a director, and the film’s director is still in the process of screening.

The film has now identified a screenwriter as TJ Fixman, a game-writer who represents Ricky and Tinker Bell, Resistance: Extinction of Humans.