Cook: China never asked us to unlock the iPhone, but the U.S. asked for it.

On November 20, local time, Cook accompanied Trump on a tour of the plant in Austin, Texas, ABC reported. After a tug-of-war with Mr. Trump, Apple has decided to continue producing its latest Mac Pro at the plant, which will go on sale next month.

Unfortunately, according to Business Insider, Mr. Trump is still “studying” whether to exempt Apple products from tariffs. Later, while expressing pride in abc’s “strongest computer” production in the U.S., Cook publicly said that iPhone production was unlikely to be in the U.S.

Not only that, but Cook also raised the question of whether users’ phones should be unlocked at the request of the authorities. “We are firmly opposed to doing so, and we cannot do so, and our commitment to privacy is global.” He added: “China has never asked us to unlock the iPhone, but the US has asked for it.” “

“We’re looking at whether to exempt Apple. “

On the day of the visit, Apple’s new campus of nearly 280,000 square meters was also opened simultaneously. The park, which can accommodate up to 15,000 employees, is expected to open in 2022 with a total investment of nearly $1 billion.

Asked if he would waive tariffs on Apple products, Mr. Trump said, “We’re looking at it.” And according to Reuters, Mr. Trump’s case is Samsung.

He pointed out that Samsung Electronics is a competitor to Apple and that it would be unfair for Samsung if import duties on goods made in China were exempted. And the U.S. and South Korea have a trade deal, with Trump saying, “We have to treat Apple like Samsung.” “

In June, Apple moved the u.S. “lone seedlings” to China, driven by tariffs and manufacturing costs. At the time, Apple demanded a 25 percent exemption from import duties on some components, including a power unit, a stainless steel housing, a circuit board, a fully installed mouse and a trackpad.

The move led To yepseus Mr. Trump on Twitter: “Apple will not get tariff exemptions or exemptions for parts of Mac Pro that are made in China.” Made in the United States, there is no tariff! “

Then, in September, the U.S. Trade Representative’s office announced that it had approved a new tariff waiver for Chinese-made parts made in Apple’s Mac Pro computer, despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s opposition to concessions.

The move allows Apple to continue making Mac Pros in the U.S., and the company will expand its capacity in Texas.

Cook: China never asked us to unlock the iPhone, but the U.S. asked for it.

Screenshot of Trump’s Visit to Apple Plant Video

Cook: China never asked us to unlock the iPhone, but the U.S. asked for it.

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“It’s not realistic to assemble an iPhone in the U.S. “

Asked why the iPhone is still made in China, Cook dismissed it, saying, “I believe iPhone manufacturing is everywhere.”

“If you look closely at these iPhones, the screen glass is made in Kentucky; if you take the iPhone apart, you’ll find that a lot of the silicone material inside is made in the United States,” Cook explains.

“But the iPhone is eventually assembled in China,” he says.

Cook: China never asked us to unlock the iPhone, but the U.S. asked for it.

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Not only is Apple making iPhones in China, but China is also a very profitable market for the company, ABC reported.

China remains one of the company’s most important markets, with about 20 percent of its sales coming from China, the report said. Apple sold about 10 million iPhones in China in the past September and October, according to calculations by Bloomberg.

Referring to the impact of the US tariff on Apple’s phone prices, Mr Cook said he did not want to “predict”. U.S. trade regulators approved 10 of Apple’s 15 tariff exemptions on September 20th, in addition to easing tariffs on more computer parts.

“I hope the two sides can reach an agreement, ” he said. ” Therefore, if both parties have a common interest. I think (an agreement) will happen. “

Mr Cook is not worried about relations with China, despite being named by the People’s Daily for two days in October for appearing on the “Hong Kong Mob Helper APP.” “China is not putting pressure on us, and Apple is doing the same thing in China as it is in the US and the EU. He said.

Asked about the security of the iPhone, Cook reiterated that Apple has a responsibility to protect the personal data and privacy of Apple users, such as after they rebuffed an FBI request to unlock the iPhone.

Mr Cook said China had never asked Apple to unlock the iPhone. “But the United States is asking for it,” he said. “

In addition, Mr Cook also talked about Apple’s repair business, saying: “The cost of providing repair services has exceeded the revenue generated by the repair, and we are not reaping the financial benefits from the repair service.” “

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