Fauci says the first new coronavaccineist may not be the “all-in-one” that people have been hoping for.

Anthony Fauci, the White House’s chief infectious disease expert, said the first new crown vaccine may not be the “miracle cure” that people have been hoping for,media BGR reported. The new vaccine only needs to work 50 percent of the time to get FDA approval. The first new coronavirus may not eliminate COVID-19, but it will still help control the outbreak.

Recently, early clinical trials of some new crown candidate vaccines have yielded encouraging results. Moderna, for example, believes it will complete the recruitment process for phase 3 of the new crown vaccine next month. But the bad news is that the new crown vaccine — or at least its first incarnation — may not be the “one-in-one” we’ve always believed in.

In response, Dr. Anthony Fauci recently explained during a question-and-answer session at Brown University’s School of Public Health that the first new vaccine may be only 60 percent effective. Mr Fauci said the 98 per cent chance of the new vaccine being effective was “not very high”. “You have to use the vaccine as a tool to make the outbreak stop being pandemic, ” Fauci explains. ” “

Still, Mr. Fauci said, only 50 percent of the new vaccine scored is still acceptable and the FDA may “give the green light.”

CNBC added in the report:

Public health officials and scientists expect to know whether at least one potential Covid-19 vaccine is developed globally by the end of December or early next year, though there is never a guarantee. Both Pfizer and Moderna, the drug makers, began late-stage trials of potential vaccines last week and are expected to recruit about 30,000 participants.

It is also possible that the first new corona vaccine may not even prevent someone from being infected first. Instead, it may only prevent individuals from experiencing some more serious new coronary symptoms.

Fauci said last week that, at its best, tens of millions of doses of THE COVID-19 vaccine in the United States will be ready by early 2021. If that happens, Mr. Fauci expects life in the United States to return to normal as soon as the middle of next year.