Fauci says there are several key steps people can take to avoid this winter’s new crown disaster.

In a wide-ranging interview on YouTube hosted by Brown University, Dr. Anthony Fauci insisted that the spread of the new crown virus could be stopped and that the curve could be flattened, according tomedia BGR. Wearing a mask, maintaining social distance, and paying attention to hand hygiene are several key steps needed to reduce infection rates. But Dr. Fauci also points to key issues that need to be addressed so that the United States does not fall into disaster in the fall or winter.

Fauci says there are several key steps people can take to avoid this winter's new crown disaster.

According to the latest statistics on the new crown outbreak released by Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the number of newly confirmed cases worldwide is close to 197,000, of which more than 5.04 million have been confirmed in the United States. COVID-19 is still spreading at an alarming rate in several U.S. states. With the arrival of autumn and winter in the northern hemisphere, health officials will begin to prepare for the nightmare scenario. It’s not just COVID-19 that circulates freely within the community, but also the flu virus that breeds in cold weather.

The U.S. needs to do something to avoid a winter disaster, Dr. Fauci said in a recent interview. Mr Fauci said there were five or six “basic principles” of prevention that apply across the COUNTRY. These principles are “generalwear of masks, physical distance, avoiding crowds, being better outdoors than indoors, washing hands” and so on.

“Stay away from the bar,” Fuchs continued. “The bar is bad news for the spread. I’m just going to repeat it again ‘until I’m exhausted. Those things work. “When it comes to these principles, ” he added. I firmly believe that I want to make it very clear that if we get things right, we don’t have to block them completely. I believe we can open up the economy, restore jobs, and get people out of the lockdown. If we do it carefully, carefully, and in the way that the guidelines say. “

He then spoke of the apparent disharmony between scientific methods and political messages to deal with epidemics, which led to the idea that it was either a complete blockade or a completely open economy. “Anyone who says our country doesn’t live in a divisive era doesn’t care what’s going on in our country,” the public health expert said. “So what happened … Instead of saying, ‘Let’s use public health principles as a tool for an open state’, it’s like having a public health principle, and then there’s an ‘open state’ with out of a sense of synergy between them. “

He added: “We really need to get this out there, one that’s not the enemy . . . One is the passage to the other. I call myself a realist. But I am also a cautious optimist. I think if we can somehow bring the country together and do this, I don’t think we’re going to have a disaster in the fall and winter. If we do something, we can go well into autumn and winter. “