“China’s sky-eye” was touched porcelain.

Mention of the “sky eye”, many people first thought, perhaps is the Guizhou mountain nest in the mouth of the “big pot.” Yes, after 22 years, exhausting the life of the scientist Nan Rendong, this is enough to lead the world’s twenty or thirty years of “China’s sky.” But today, this world-class IP is actually used on tobacco. Recently, science and technology daily reporter survey found that a pack of cigarettes called “sky-eye” in The Guiyang market quietly popular. Is this pure coincidence, or is it a cross-border marriage?

“China Sky Eye” in Pingtang, Guizhou.

“Skyeye” cigarettes sold on the market.

When “Sky Eyes” became a pack of cigarettes.

Is it to carry forward the spirit of scientists, or is it a hot spot?

Mysterious purple sky, the ground plane and “sky-eye” panoramic model from near and far, decorated with magnificent nebulae and brilliant stars, “FAST” short for leaping on … From the outer packaging, the sense of technology is full. The popular pack of cigarettes, named “Sky Eye”, is billed as the world’s first bag of star-themed cigarettes.

Until then, few would have associated the “Chinese Skyeye” with cigarettes. In fact, this package of “Sky Eye” smoke, has quietly been listed for two years, by the China Tobacco Corporation Guizhou Province Company and Red Cloud Red River Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. jointly produced.

On the official website of Red Cloud Red River Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd., the “Sky Eye” smoke is described in this way – named after “China Sky Eye” and honors the great scientific spirit and spirit of struggle embodied in “China SkyEye”.

Red Cloud Red River Group’s official news screenshot.

Referring to the origin of this pack of cigarettes, Guizhou Province Tobacco Monopoly Bureau Director, China Tobacco Corporation, Guizhou Provincial General Manager Gao Zhiren said publicly at the press conference, “In order to better commemorate and remember Mr. Nan Rendong, in order to better inherit and carry forward the spirit of NanRendong, so that the spirit of life, with products to tell stories, we put forward to create a ‘Sky Eye’ series of cigarette products ideas and ideas …”

Gao made it clear that it was precisely because of the “China Sky eye” that this cigarette was born.

Located in the “big pot” in The Big Nest in Pingtang, Guizhou, is the world’s largest and most sensitive single-caliber radio telescope, condensing the life of Nanrendong’s blood and sweat. Previously, it had the name of a mouth, called “500-meter spherical radio telescope”, referred to as FAST. On September 25, 2016, when it was inaugurated, the President referred to the “China Skyeye” in his congratulatory letter. In his 2017 New Year’s message, the President again named “China’s Skyeye”. Since then, the words “China’s sky-eye” or “sky-eye” are frequently seen at the end of the newspaper network.

Today, how can the Tang-Tang-Tang-Big Power Heavy Be the name of a pack of cigarettes? In an interview with Science and Technology Daily, Yu Qingkai, director of the Intellectual Property Professional Committee of Guiyang Bar Association and a senior partner of Beijing Yingke (Guiyang) Law Firm, made it clear that he could not accept it. He said that perhaps the original intention of the producer is good, but we all know that smoking is harmful to health, a pack of cigarettes named “Sky Eye”, on the outer packaging is also highly correlated, it is really easy to make bad associations.

I am sorry! I have registered a trademark.

Trademark law is well established and should be looked at with the rule of law.

So, is the “Sky eye” smoke authorized by the relevant aspects? Is it suspected of trademark infringement?

At China Tobacco Corporation’s Guizhou provincial company, an office worker told Science and Technology Daily that the trademark matter is the responsibility of Yunnan, he did not know the specificsituation. As for other issues, the staff member would not say much.

Telephone contact Red Cloud Red River Tobacco (Group) Co. , Ltd. publicity and planning department, a person in charge of the relevant situation, clearly told the Science and Technology Daily reporter: This matter to find Yunnan Sinotobacco Technology Department. As for the contact information, “No! “

According to the website of the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office, as early as March 17, 2017, Red Cloud Red River Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. applied for registration of the “Sky Eye” Chinese trademark, and on April 23, 2018, applied for registration of “Tian-Eye Cloud Smoke YUNYAN HTTP://WWW.HYHHGROUP.COM 2016” “Sky Eye Cloud Smoke FAST 2016:/WWW.HYHGROUP.

Apparently, the “Sky Eye” trademark was snapped up. As early as September 25, 2016, “Sky Eye” was built in Pingtang, Guizhou, and entered the commissioning phase.

Science and Technology Daily reporter stoic especially learned from the relevant channels, at the beginning, tobacco companies in the use of “sky-eye” elements and trademarks, and the National Observatory did not do any communication. The National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has also sent a letter of attorney to the matter, but has not received a response from the relevant parties.

In this regard, Yu Qingkai said that the application for trademark registration should follow the principle of good faith, not to harm the existing rights of others in the first place, nor to violate the public order of good customs or other adverse effects. From these two points, Red Cloud Red River Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. to grab the trademark suspected of infringement. Of course, the final structure does not constitute infringement, but also through legal means to confirm.

There are different voices. Some people say that, although it is emotionally difficult to accept, if the “Sky Eye” trademark is legal, it can only recognize the status quo. Moreover, there is no shortage of “China South China Sea” “Yellow Fruit Tree” such cigarette brands.

“There is no comparison between the two, not the same.” In Yu Qingkai’s view, the early trademark law is not perfect, so that “China South China Sea” and other old brands can be used so far, this is a “historical legacy of the problem”, but “Tian’ano” is facing a completely different situation, now the trademark law is very complete, should be the rule of law to look at this matter. The background of the times is different, and the rules of the game are naturally different.

New problems facing Skyeye.

The use of the relevant text and pattern trademarks by the “Principal” may be considered to be infringing.

From commissioning to official use, the scientific output of Sky’s Eye is amazing. In the next twenty or thirty years, “Sky Eye” will continue to maintain a world-class status, visibility and influence is beyond doubt. Because of this, some units or individuals in the application for trademarks, always want to a “sky eye” heat.

As of August 7, 2020, 1106 trademark registration application records can be accessed by using “Sky Eye” as the key word on the official website of the State Intellectual Property and Trademark Office. Among them, the earliest is Guizhou Kdu Tiantian Eye Operations Management Co., Ltd. From October 28 th. to November 4, 2016, Guizhou Kedo Tian-Eye Operations and Management Co., Ltd. successfully applied for registration of the “Kddo Sky Eye” trademark, covering 45 categories, and the corresponding pattern of the trademark is the “Big Pot” shape of “Sky Eye”. In other words, if the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences were to use the relevant text and pattern trademarks, it would likely be considered infringement.

On March 17, 2017, Red Cloud Red River Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of the “Sky Eye” Chinese trademark, and then the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office appeared to tighten up on the registration of similar trademarks. Guizhou Red De XiaQiu Tea Industry Development Co., Ltd.’s “Tian-Eye Black Tea”, Guizhou Daily Newspaper Group Media Co., Ltd.’s “Sky Eye News”, Red Cloud Red River Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd. “Sky eye FAST” “Sky eye FAST 2016 FILTER CIGARETTES and figure” and other trademarks were rejected by the State Intellectual Property Office Trademark Office when applying for registration.

“China Sky Eye” approximates the registration of trademarks.

In rejecting the “Sky eye FAST” registration application of Red Cloud Red River Tobacco (Group) Co., Ltd., the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office specifically mentioned that the application for trademark “Sky eye FAST” is the Chinese and English name of China’s Skyeye Super Eye glasses, used as a trademark book on the designated goods, easy to make consumers misidentify the source of goods, but also have adverse social impact.

Sound the alarm about the protection of big scientific engineering brands.

Only by protecting the brand can we afford the efforts of scientists.

Interestingly, on August 11, 2017, Pingtang County State Capital Operations Co., Ltd. was rejected when it applied for registration of the “China Sky Eye” trademark, which was successfully registered by the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on June 4, 2019.

Yu Qingkai said that the trademark touch porcelain is also good, infringement, all explain the “sky eye” brand value, related aspects in brand protection to keep up in time, can not let “Sky eye” such a large scientific engineering brand frequently subject to commercial abuse. “In a sense, ‘Sky’s Eye’ is not just a big scientific device, it represents a national image. Only the ‘Sky Eye’ brand protection, can afford the hearts of scientists, to the country and the people. “

It is the “sky eye” that sounded the alarm about the protection of the brand of large scientific engineering.

“In terms of brand protection, ‘Sky’s Eye’ should learn from ‘old mom’.” In order to safeguard trademark rights and interests, “old mother has spent a lot of money around to fight, registered “old aunt” “old dry lady” and other more than 100 defensive trademarks, basically covering all the trademark classification, firmly built a trademark moat.

Yu Qingkai suggested that the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Guizhou Province should establish a corresponding linkage mechanism as soon as possible to jointly protect the “Sky Eye” world-wide IP, polishing the “Sky eye” brand image.

At present, the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully registered the “China Sky Eye” trademark, but also involved only 20 trademark categories. Next, around the “Sky Eye” brand protection, the Chinese Academy of Sciences National Observatory has no further action, it is not known.

Short review: “Sky eye” brand protection is not to be banned.

He Xinghui.

Under the famous “sky eye”, the trademark frequently encountered grabs and touch porcelain, it seems to use the “sky eye” name, on what Turin. However, “Sky Eye” such a big scientific engineering brand, is really Tang monk meat, who can eat a mouthful?

Local use of “sky-eye” to do science tourism, after all, can bring real benefits to the people, to promote the local popular culture industry, if Nan Rendong in the world, must also be happy to see its success. However, the use of “Skyeye” IP on cigarettes, linking a large scientific device to tobacco, is still difficult for many people to accept.

As a large country that the country spends a lot of money to build, “Sky Eye” soaked the efforts of a large number of scientists, such as Nan Rendong, but also bear an important scientific mission. In the next two or three decades, it will lead China’s astronomy to a “golden age”. In the face of this veritable world business card, in the face of this real Chinese pride, every Chinese, have a duty to care for. Only the “sky eye” polished, in order to let it glow, in order to “early results, more results, good results, big results.”

Therefore, when we see the “Sky Eye” trademark was abused, it is inevitable that helplessness, inevitably indignation.

The National Observatory is not without action. In 2019, the National Observatory registered the “China Sky Eye” trademark, the first battle of brand protection. On April 26, 2019, the 19th World Intellectual Property Day, Guizhou local government also held a “Kdatian Eye” series of trademark protection and development symposium, on how to protect the development and use of “Sky eye” trademark in-depth discussion. Of course, on the issue of sky-eye brand protection and commercial exploitation, we expect the community and relevant parties to work together to take further action.

For brand abuse, if not timely to stop or correct, long-term, will certainly let the “sky eye” brand dust, the relevant departments when “the shot when shot.”

Of course, brand protection is not to be banned. From construction to operation, the state has invested so much money that this valuable brand resource cannot be wasted. On the basis of effective protection, how to make the “Sky Eye” such a big scientific brand play the greatest value, and finally into productivity and back-feeding scientific research? This is indeed a new proposition.

“Skyeye is an intangible asset with great value in commercial use.” In an interview with Science and Technology Daily, Guizhou University associate professor, communication expert Yang Yuanyuan said, may wish to “Tian-eye” brand protection and operation to professional institutions, so that professional people do professional things. “In terms of commercial utilization, you can develop some creative products under the ‘Sky Eye’ brand. With the popularity of ‘Sky eye’, the related industries will greatly shorten the brand promotion process and save huge advertising costs, it is easy to resonate with consumers, but also to obtain huge economic benefits. “

For the commercial use of the “Sky Eye” brand, the country’s well-known science expert Wang Zhangjun also think is a good idea. He said the move would expand the impact of the “SkyEye” and make more people understand the “Sky Eye”, which in itself is a special way of popular science, and from which the commercial income, but also to feed the “sky-eye” of scientific research.

From NASA’s printing of hundreds of thousands of dollars of Hermes bags, to the “God V” flying milk and China’s space collision sparks, all prove: the rational and orderly commercial use of large scientific brands, is not a bad thing.

It’s just, is Skyeyes ready?