“The Mandalorian”: The Freshness of the 50-Year-Old ‘Baby Yoda’

“Star Wars fans” around the world are talking about a new role, in the new Disney plus streaming platform,” the Mandalorian, he is called “the asset” or “the child”, but “Star Wars fans” prefer to call him “Yoda baby” (Baby Yoda).

In fact, there is still controversy about which third-person pronoun this cute little guy should use, and which “t-t” (he, her, it) should be used, and you’re all likely to get caught up in a “million-year-old post.”

“The Mandalo” scene, “Baby Yoda” in the play’s first close-up

So far, “The Mandalorians” has been on the line for two episodes, and viewers still know little about the new character. But “Star Wars Fans” may still be grateful to the show’s creator, Jon Ferjou (six episodes in the first season, including the first two), assuming that “Father of Star Wars” George Lucas is the lead, and that audiences will never get a chance to know what it’s really, Because Lucas’s style over the years has been a way of retaining a bit of mystery.

“Mandalorian” poster

Judging from the information released in the play, the species to which the child belongs is grown at an alarmingly slow rate compared to other creatures in the Star Wars universe. At the end of the first episode, the audience and the show’s protagonists learn the amazing fact that the baby, who is still in captivity, is 50 years old.

The revelations in the second episode are even more exciting for “Star Wars fans” because the “Baby Yoda”, who looks like Ayutthal, also has the Force, or at least he has the ability to move ideas.

“Baby Yoda” is working hard.

The Mantallo story line also gives clues, such as a “client” asking for the child to be arrested. And the official timeline given by the Mandaloe series also shows that this “Baby Yoda” is not the famous Yoda master in the Star Wars series, so who will he be?

Still need to find out from the official timeline of the Mandalorians, which is set to take place about five years after the end of the film Star Wars: Star Wars VI – Return of the Jedi, 1983, after the fall of the Empire. The period before the first legion, in place, takes place in the remote starbelt of the Milky Way far from the control of the New Republic.

Luke and The Master Yoda

Viewers of Return of the Jedi will remember a plot in which, during the period of separation from Luke Skywalker, the 900-year-old Yoda master was falling apart, he revealed to Luke before his death that there was another Skywalker. Then Yuda Master Feather, he and the Force into one.

Assuming that the story of the Mandalorians does not involve crossing (the possibility cannot be ruled out for the time being, although the possibility is low), the 50-year-old “Baby Yoda” should not be Master Yoda himself. But minus 50 years, that point is interesting again, and in the Star Wars films, “Baby Yoda” was born earlier than “Star Wars I: The Threat of the Ghost” (Star Wars: The Phantom I- The Phantom, 1999). So he may be the result of the love of Yoda’s master and Yaddle (which, of course, is pure speculation).

In any case, “Star Wars fans” are mostly attracted by the new play, it is a temperament almost like “Wolverine” “Terminator 2”, and even a little theological color – an apocalyptic son, a lone hero, they go along, into a dangerous.

“The Mandalorians”

The success of “Mandalorian” lies not only in the “Badalo Baby”, but also in the shaping of a “foolish” Mandalus. This samurai fits the decades-long “Star Wars” universe’s hero-shaped character: three-dimensional personality, complex background, super strength, and little evil under the color of justice.

Take a look at how the Mandalus race is introduced in “Star Wars Encyclopedia”, which explains why the critical “Star Wars fan” is highly recognized for the hero – the Mandalorians, though human, are a very unique people, originating from the planet Mandalo. The samurai lineage is deeply embedded in their society, and the ancient Mandalorians were even known for defeating Jedi knights and attacking the Jedi Temple. Traditions mean a lot to their people, such as one-on-one fights and their iconic Mandalorian armor. The Mandalorians, who did not have the size of the Wookiees or the Transandos, were able to make up for it with armor, often equipped with flamethrowers, hook chains, missiles and jetpacks. The Mandalorians have a prominent sense of justice.

“The Mandalorians”

Some flashbacks from the first two episodes, the “Star Wars Encyclopedia” for the Mandalorians’ past introduction, it is inadvertently displayed in front of the viewer.

The last two Star Wars movies and several foreign films are often sick, they all have some common diseases, such as greed, the plot is pale, only attention to the effectiveness.

And “The Mandalorians”, despite a production budget of $100 million, gives viewers a glimpse of the roughness of the first three “Star Wars” – it was a time when computer GCg was not yet developed, and even the biggest Hollywood producers had to find ways to use their shooting skills and prop models to “get through”, but the fun of “fake” instead, it brings some kind of imagination that computer modeling can’t match. “Mandalorian” is certainly not a simple re-engraving of the production environment of the year, but from time to time there are images such as mud-puppet animation, will also make “Star Wars fans” happy.

“The Clone Attack” is a film of Yoda Master is a computer-generated character

Here’s a mention of “Baby Yoda” and Yoda Master, the puppet-wielding character in the original “Star Wars” movie, and later star in “Star Wars Prequel II: The Clone Attack” (Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones, 2002), Lucas completely abandoned physical puppets and switched to computer modeling, turning them into computer-generated roles. But in the play, the development of science and technology has made rapid progress, “Yoda Baby” has returned to the physical puppet, by two puppeteers remotely operated, one responsible for the eyes and mouth, the other responsible for the other parts of the face expression.

“The Mandaloe” is pictured, “Baby Yoda” re-adopts physical puppets

Regression and innovation, “Mandalorian” is to “Star Wars” such an old IP an inspiration: the way and feelings in the inevitable, but can not be from that old road to dig fresh, is the series can evergreen important factors.

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