Russian scientists have discovered a new major weakness for the new crown virus: water.

Russia’s National Center for Virology and Biotechnology (VECTOR) recently shared a new study of the coronavirus, citing an extremely simple method of killing particles associated with the new coronavirus,media reported. Scientists at the research center say they have found a new weakness in the new coronavirus: water — just normal warm water — but boiling water works better.

Russian scientists have discovered a new major weakness for the new crown virus: water.


The water-related discovery spread through a recent Sputnik News report that studies completed in Russia had found that room temperature water apparently killed 90 percent of the new coronavirus particles within 24 hours;

The study also said boiling water can kill the new coronavirus particles “immediately and completely,” Sputnik News reported. “Virologists have been working on developing accurate test kits to examine viruses and antibodies since the advanced research of the new coronavirus epidemic, and at the end of March reduced the number of vaccine candidates to 12,” the report said.

The scientists’ findings were recently published by Russia’s consumer protection and human well-being watchdog, Rospotrebnadzor. In other discoveries, researchers have found that viral elements can survive in dechlorinator water and seawater for a period of time, depending on temperature. Chlorinated water is considered “efficient” water to kill the new coronavirus, the report said.

In the news, a spokesman for Russia’s sovereign wealth fund said Russia had completed early trials of the new coronavirus vaccine and would begin a large-scale phase iii trial this month. Now, Russia’s vaccine is awaiting regulatory approval, and doctors and teachers will take the lead.