U.S.: Chinese companies must comply with U.S. accounting requirements by the end of next year.

On August 10, local time, U.S. President Donald Trump held a White House briefing during a shooting outside the White House, which forced Trump to interrupt the briefing and leave the press room. Shortly after, the shooting suspect was controlled by law enforcement officials, and after the episode, the briefing resumed, where Trump responded to several concerns.

(Original title: U.S. Treasury Secretary: Chinese companies must comply with U.S. accounting requirements or withdraw from market by the end of next year)

U.S.: Chinese companies must comply with U.S. accounting requirements by the end of next year.

Screenshot of the video.

This year’s G7 leaders’ summit was scheduled for June, but postponed until September because of the outbreak, CNN reported. Now that the u.S. domestic outbreak is “high,” Mr. Trump has revealed that he has asked for the summit to be postponed until after the November election.

“I prefer to do it at some point after the November election, we were going to be in September,” he said. Mr. Trump revealed that the White House has not officially invited world leaders to the meeting, and that his invitation list also includes leaders from non-G7 member states. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in particular, said he would be invited because Putin was an “important factor.”

According to the live video of the briefing, a reporter at the scene asked Mr. Trump: “If 160,000 people died in MrPresident Ma. Obama’s tenure, would you ask him to resign?” “

In response, Trump said: “No, I won’t.” I think what we can do is amazing, if we don’t shut down our country, we’ve had 1.5 million to 2 million dead. We’re right, we don’t need to shut it down now. We know about the disease, and no one knows about it because no one has seen anything like it. “

Then he showed off his own history, but again “turned the car”: “The most recent thing happened in 1917, they say, right?” Big flu. It was certainly a terrible thing, when 50 million to 100 million people were lost. It may also end the Second World War, and all the soldiers are sick. “

The U.S. media “Axios”, the Daily Beast and others were quick to dismiss rumors that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Trump’s talk of a pandemic began in 1918 and spread to 1919. The Second World War ended in 1945.

In addition, the Wall Street Journal revealed on the 6th, the White House has launched a proposal to require U.S.-listed Chinese companies must comply with U.S. audit requirements, or these companies will be forced to withdraw from the market.

According to Reuters, u.S. Treasury Secretary Mnuchin in the 10th day of the briefing also confirmed, and even revealed a “specific timetable”, and previous media disclosure of basic agreement. He said he expected the Securities and Exchange Commission to adopt the proposal.

“By the end of next year (2021) . . . They (Chinese companies) must comply with the same accounting standards or they will be delisted on the stock exchange. “