Samsung Galaxy A71/A51 update ushers in the AltZLife privacy mode switch.

As a personal device, mobile phones already store many people’s private information. But in some life and work situations, people occasionally need to share the right to use the device with colleagues or friends and relatives for a period of time, and the protection of personal privacy becomes even more important. The good news is that Samsung’s recent AltZLife software updates for the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 provide users with an easy “dual environment” solution.

Samsung Galaxy A71/A51 update ushers in the AltZLife privacy mode switch.

(from: Samsung)

With just two taps of the power button, you can quickly switch between privacy and normal usage. In addition, altZLife can be used to protect confidential work files if the device falls into the hands of unauthorized persons.

AltZLife is known to build on Samsung’s two existing technology solutions, the Knox Security Suite and the Secure Folder Confidential Folder, and the latter is easy to switch back and forth between normal/private modes.

It’s worth noting that users can double-click the power key to trigger mode switching under the current application interface, whether or not there are dual instances under Secure Folder.

First, when moving from normal mode to privacy mode, special authentication will be required, and vice versa.

Second, Samsung offers an AI engine-driven ‘content recommendation’ that allows users to move important material to a ‘secure folder’.

Samsung has now introduced an update to the AltZLife privacy mode feature for the Galaxy A71/A51 models in India and is confident that it will soon be rolled out to more high-end models and other markets.