A Tesla Model 3 in Shanghai crashed into a gas station.

In recent times, Tesla has also been pulled to the top of the storm because of the news of traffic accidents caused by the Autopilot feature. And, in recent days, a Tesla Model 3 ran into a gas station in Shanghai because it lost control, also attracting the attention of netizens. According to media reports, on August 9, more than 9 p.m., a Tesla sedan suddenly lost control and crashed into a gas station in Yangyi, Shanghai, crashing into a crash pole and column inside the gas station, injuring two people and damaging other vehicles.

Eyewitnesses at the gas station said the Tesla Model 3, without warning, rushed into the gas station, a crash bar hit the crooked car, and three other cars ready to refuel were hit.

A Tesla Model 3 in Shanghai crashed into a gas station.

After the accident, The airbags of The Tesla all-vehicle burst and the owner was uninjured.

According to the owner, the accident occurred, he was driving along the yang thought west to east, in order to prevent the impact of the earthmoving car in front of him, he tried to hit the green to bring about a forced slowdown, but the vehicle lost control, directly into the gas station.

After the incident, the local police said a statement that the accident caused four cars damaged, two people were injured, the injured were taken to hospital without major injuries. At present, the driver Zhang a drink-driving, drug driving suspect, the cause of the accident is under further investigation.

A Tesla Model 3 in Shanghai crashed into a gas station.

Fortunately, the accident did not cause major casualties. And Tesla as the representative model of electric vehicles, even ran to the gas station to “do things”, which also caused a lot of netizens.

Some netizens said, “Electric cars launched the challenge to the fuel car”, “I Tesla will refuel today, today who will not stop me”, in fact, in the tangle plus 92 or 95, and then hit, “this is the most powerful counter-attack on the malicious possession of the fuel pile of the fuel car.”

In addition, in this accident, the owner did not say that he used the Autopilot function, may be due to their own operating reasons, causing the Model 3 out of control, causing the accident.

Of course, the real cause of the accident is subject to official notice. In this regard, we will also maintain the attention.