Google Earth finds super-100 meters of “ice boat” in Antarctica netizen: Noah’s Ark.

On August 10,media reported that a foreign netizen had discovered a capsized ship in The South Pole through Google Earth, which caused a heated debate among other netizens. Reported that Google Earth user MrMBB333, when using the software inadvertently found that the Antarctic appears to have a capsized “ice boat”, the “ice boat” about 400 feet (about 122 meters) long, and cruiser is very similar.

MrMBB333 333 then recorded his discovery in a video and uploaded it online. The video shows an area covered with snow in Antarctica, which shows a raised area. When Google Earth was switched to 3D mode, the ice looked like a ship.

MrMBB333 has a legion of fans online, and he often discusses some of the unusual discoveries found on Google Earth. And the discovery sparked a buzz among fans:

– It was left by aliens.

– This is Noah’s Ark, used by humans to escape natural disasters, just like in movies.

– This is a World War II-built ship to escape the war.

– It should be a piece of ice, but it’s shaped like a boat.

However, an expert at NASA says it may be a piece of ice, not a ship. This may be caused by a fantasy illusion, a psychological phenomenon that is common in practice.

Fantasy illusions are the illusion of fantasy, called fantasy illusions, by altering or adding details to the perceived image of things. For example, when you see a stain on a wall, you imagine it as a picture.