Dragon Mom talks about filming the first season of “The Right Tour”: feeling the pressure and still fighting in the film

According tomedia outlet The Hollywood Reporter, “Dragon Mom” Emilia Clarke revealed in a podcast that she had been under pressure to film the first season of “Game of Thrones” with a nude cast, and that she had made a big fuss about the show, but that Jason S. C. , who plays her husband, “King of horses,” was “a big fan” of the show. Moma took great care of herself.

When asked on the podcast if it was “stressful” to shoot a nude scene, Emilia Clarke said so. The podcast describes the first season of “The Game of Thrones” as a play with “mandatory” scenes, but Emilia Clarke is quick to mention Jason Moma, who plays her husband, “King of horses,” directing her performance. “He did take care of me, and he did,” Amelia said. I didn’t realize i needed to take care of myself. “

In the second half of the podcast, Long recalls, “The last time I made a nude shot for the show, I thought, ‘This is my fault. ‘But that’s what they made me do, but I fucking did it. But here’s the question: What’s it like to be naked under the gaze of people you’ve never met and will never know? “

She said she had fought in the studio for not wanting to shoot naked, but the creator said,””don’t let your Rights Fan fans down,” when The Dragon Said, “X You X (Fuxk U). Clarke also revealed that he agreed to play a lot of nude dramas in the first season because of a lack of acting experience.

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