Microsoft recommends that users ignore updatekb4523786 because it contains content that does not need to be updated at all

A few days ago, Microsoft worked for Windows 10 May 2019 Update Version 10 1903) the device released a new cumulative update kb4522355 (operating system build 18362.449), which includes multiple bug fixes related to Microsoft Narrator, Windows Search Index, VPN connection, sleep conversion issues, and more.

In addition to the updates, all users also received the “Autopilot Cumulative Update” under KB4523786 by error. This specific update provides quality improvements to devices configured by Windows Autopilot, which businesses and businesses typically use to set up and provision new devices in their organizations. Businesses also use Windows Autopilot to reconfigure, restore, and reset devices in their organization.

Embarrassingly, this is not actually a “forced update” for Windows 10 1903, which the Intune team confirmed was accidentally released and has been withdrawn.

So it’s interesting that microsofts advise users not to install the wrong update KB4523786, even though compatibility issues or reliability errors have not been reported.

微软建议用户忽略更新KB4523786 因其包含根本不需要更新的内容

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