Twitter’s new hidden tweet reply feature is now open to all users

Earlier this year, Twitter began testing the ability to hide users’ tweets, meaning users can have more control over the conversations they generate,media reported. Now, the social media company has announced that after months of select user testing, the feature is opening to everyone.

Twitter's new hidden tweet reply feature is now open to all users

Hiding replies allows users to prevent conversations from derailing, whether they are off the topic or generating hateful or negative discussions. Hidden tweets are not visible at first sight, but users can still choose to view them by clicking the gray icon next to the hidden tweets. This capability may raise concerns that users, especially organizations or political pages, may be biased toward symposity, but Twitter says that didn’t happen much during the testing period.

Twitter also shared more statistics, such as that 85 percent of people who hide their replies avoid using blocking and mute. In addition, in Canada, 27 percent of users who had hidden replies said they would consider changing the way they interactwith with others. Twitter is also considering feedback from people who may be afraid to hide their responses because they are afraid of retaliation to some extent, and unfortunately Twitter has not announced any specific solutions.

Currently, all users of the Android or iOS Twitter app can use the hidden reply feature, and the platform’s Progressive Web App is also supported.

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