Surface’s father: Microsoft’s true wireless headset delayed until 2020

Panos Panay, the father of Surface, said on Twitter on November 21st that the launch date of Microsoft’s new true wireless headset, Surface Earbuds, would be pushed back to spring 2020. “Product manufacturing is about relentlessly pursuing all the details that are right, which takes time, sometimes more than we planned,” says Panos Panay. To ensure the best experience for our fans and customers, Surface Earbuds will be available worldwide in the spring of 2020. “

Surface's father: Microsoft's true wireless headset delayed until 2020

In terms of functionality, Surface Earbuds are very similar to Apple’s AirPods, with a directional dual-array microphone and a touch pad on the side with a built-in touch sensor that allows you to swipe and make music and calls, adjust the volume up and down, and switch songs left and right.

Surface's father: Microsoft's true wireless headset delayed until 2020

Surface Earbuds features a number of voice assistants such as Cortana, Siri, and Google, as well as optimizations for Office productivity tools such as use with software such as Word, PPT, mail, and more.

For battery life, Surface Earbuds has a built-in battery that lasts eight hours and comes with a charging case for 24-hour battery life.

Surface EarBuds, which costs $249 (about $1,780), was previously expected to go on sale this year.

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