Privacy-oriented search engine Startpage announces ‘news’ tag in search results

Startpage, a search engine focused on user privacy, announced the addition of the “News” label to its search results,media reported. Previously, Startpage only offered web, image and video tags, and the latest news tags meant the search engine would be closer to its rivals.


Many search engines use the user’s previous search and browsing history to display the results. While the companies say search results are more relevant, other privacy-oriented search engines, such as Startpage and DuckDuckGo, say these “filter bubbles” are more like traps, and some results are hidden from users.

Privacy-oriented search engine Startpage announces 'news' tag in search results

Startpage doesn’t filter news results based on yoghurt’s browsing history, but rather on the time and date of release, which keeps users up to date.

If you’re not familiar with Startpage, here’s a brief introduction. It is one of the search engines that has become popular in recent years with Edward Snowden’s revelations about US surveillance activities. Startpage stands out in the competition by not storing user IP addresses, personal user data, and tracking cookies. In addition, users can view the results anonymously using the Anonymous View (Anonymous View) tool.

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