German perverted crash test results show electric cars have at least reached the safety level of fuel vehicles

Electric vehicles in daily use, some owners in addition to worry about the electric vehicle range is not enough, charging speed is too slow and other issues, but also worry about the safety of electric vehicles. Vehicles with battery packs are considered to be prone to fire and explosion after a collision, causing more damage. Such fears are justified, and there have been a number of dangerous accidents in China where electric vehicles have exploded since they were set ablaze. This makes in the minds of Chinese consumers, leaving the inherent impression that electric cars are not as safe as fuel vehicles.

And in the traditional car crash test, the collision shows some Buddhist system. Neither the collision angle nor the collision speed will cause serious damage to the battery pack, so consumers cannot intuitively feel the safety performance of electric vehicles.

However, the safety of electric cars can now be intuitively felt through crash testing. According tomedia reports, the German testing company DEKRA recently did a “perverted grade” crash test, used to test the safety of Nissan electric vehicle battery pack.

DEKRA, Germany’s largest and the world’s third-largest testing company, recently collided with two electric cars, Renault Zoe and Nissan, which rated two of their five-star cars in European E-NCAP tests. In order to let consumers intuitively feel the safety of electric vehicles, this crash test can be said to be “super-god” mode, and the difficulty is also abnormal level.

The collision test is divided into three groups around a fixed column in the field, first of all, the side body of the test car hits the fixed column at a speed of 60km/h. This speed is nearly double the European E-NCAP’s side column collision speed of 32km/h.

German perverted crash test results show electric cars have at least reached the safety level of fuel vehicles

German perverted crash test results show electric cars have at least reached the safety level of fuel vehicles

But it was only an appetizer, as THEN DEKRA again increased its speed, allowing Nissan to collide on a side post at 75km/h, followed by a frontal collision at 84km/h.

From the public video footage, the entire side of the body is almost bent and wrapped around the column in a side collision. The parts of the whole car are also splashing around, it can be said that the whole car has been broken into scum. In such collision conditions, the occupant’s chances of survival are extremely low. But the purpose of the test is not to study the occupant’s chances of survival, but to the safety of the battery.

It can be seen that the battery pack after a fierce impact, has been severely bent deformation, but did not fire explosion. The end result is satisfactory, with DEKRA experts saying that electric cars produced at least in big factories are at least as safe as fuel vehicles.

Accident researchers point out that electric vehicles cut off the high-voltage system immediately in the event of a collision. Also, severe deformation did not cause the battery system to catch fire and explode. Nissan is also the only electric car in the world that hasn’t had a self-ignition accident, and it has to be said that it is indeed the safest electric car in the world.

In addition, it can be seen in the experiment that no vehicle can guarantee the occupant’s chances of survival in the face of an absolute speed collision. Therefore, in the driving process, not speeding illegal driving is the most able to ensure their own life safety practices.

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