Rumoured high-definition image of AirPods Pro’s charging case reappears

The rumored new image of the AirPods Pro appears on Slashleaks today, and the new image doesn’t prompt us for any new device features, but the image quality is significantly higher than before, and from the graph, it appears to be a assembled AirPods Pro charging case.

传闻中的AirPods Pro的充电盒高清晰图像再次出现传闻中的AirPods Pro的充电盒高清晰图像再次出现

The AirPods Pro was originally revealed in the beta version of iOS 13.2 Beta, and developers found icons that matched the design of the new AirPods Pro.

There have also been multiple reports in the supply chain that new high-end AirPods may be coming soon, that new products are expected to have noise-cancelling technology and will cost more than current AirPods.

The following are previously leaked images of the AirPods Pro through various channels, including patent edited diagrams, system icons and headphone cases.

传闻中的AirPods Pro的充电盒高清晰图像再次出现传闻中的AirPods Pro的充电盒高清晰图像再次出现传闻中的AirPods Pro的充电盒高清晰图像再次出现传闻中的AirPods Pro的充电盒高清晰图像再次出现

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