Domestic regional airliner ARJ21 opens international route for the first time

On October 26, arj21 (registered B-603P), a domesticjet regional airliner from Chengdu Airlines, took off from Harbin Taiping International Airport and landed smoothly at Vladivostok International Airport in Russia after a flight of 1 hour and 3 minutes. This is the first international route successfully opened by ARJ21 aircraft, domestic jet regional passenger aircraft commercial operation to achieve a new leap!

From October 27, this flight is scheduled to depart twice a week, Monday and Friday, flight number EU1819, EU1820, departure 18:50, 20:00 arrival, return flight 21:00 departure, 22:25 arrival (both Beijing time).

This is not only the first time ARJ21 “go abroad”, but also greatly facilitatet he the two friendly cities of Harbin, Vladivostok. At present, most of the flights between the two places are connecting flights, mainly through Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, South Korea and other places, in the future can take ARJ21 direct flights.


As the first jet regional airliner with independent intellectual property rights developed by China, the ARJ21 is particularly adapted to the airport landing and landing conditions and complex airway barrier requirements in the western and northern regions of China.

The opening of the Harbin-Vladivostok flight will give full play to the excellent regional performance of the ARJ21 1-1.5-hour flight circle and will also validate the ARJ21 aircraft’s operational capability on international routes.

It is reported that ARJ21 since the realization of commercial first voyage, Chengdu Airlines has transported more than 540,000 passengers, 28 navigable cities. At present, Chengdu Air Fleet has a total size of 47 aircraft, of which ARJ21 15.

So far, China Commercial Aofto has delivered 19 ARJ21s to its customers, with a 76.9% year-on-year increase in the first three quarters of 2019, including the first monthly delivery of four in September.

On August 30 this year, Air China and China Southern Airlines also announced that they will purchase 35 ARJ21 aircrafts, delivered in 2020-2024, which is also the first time that the top aviation division has adopted ARJ21 after Chengdu Airlines and Inner Mongolia Tianqi Airlines.

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