‘Game of Thrones’ actor reveals there’s another mystery ending to the show

When you know about “Game of Thrones” and other alternative endings, you’re going to feel more like HBO’s final pick is not worth airing, according tomedia. The news was recently confirmed by the show’s actor, Christopher Hewirvie ( played by Freeman and Wild Man Tomond).

'Game of Thrones' actor reveals there's another mystery ending to the show

Hewiu told the media that some of the cast members of “The Right Tour” actually ended up filming another version of the finale, but he noted, “It’s mainly for fun, but I don’t know if I can tell you.” “

In an interview with CNN about the mysterious finale, an HBO spokesman responded that Hevier may have been joking.

But one thing Hewiu is clearly not joking about is that he was surprised by the different theories that people, including himself, had made about the show. “Interestingly, after season 7, I had my own theory, the fans had their own theory, everyone had their own theory, and the actors had their own theories, so there were thousands of theories. It’s hard to say (of them) to choose one of them, but there are a lot of things I didn’t expect. I like the element of surprise. “

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