Suspected Huawei Nova 6 5G Photo leaked: Full Screen and Front-facing Dual Camera

On October 26th, weibo digital blogger @tuxianfeng12138 tweeted a mysterious new spy photo of a suspected Huawei nova 6 5G version on Weibo, causing attention. The spy photo only exposed the upper body of the new machine, which uses a rare design of the extreme full-screen plus front-facing dual camera, which is very similar to the nova 6 5G rendering image previously exposed by foreign media.

In addition, the operating interface of the new phone is undoubtedly the design style of EMUI, tuxianfeng12138 did not disclose more information.

疑似华为nova 6 5G谍照曝光:极点全面屏+前置双摄像头

According to the rendering of the exposure of foreign media, compared with nova 5, the biggest change of nova 6 5G is the use of a full-scale polar screen, and the front dual camera, which is the first in the nova series using a front-facing dual-camera-pole-full-screen solution of the mobile phone.

The back shape is not much different from nova 5, with three cameras lined up with the flash, and the right side may be laser focus or a 3D TOF lens.

疑似华为nova 6 5G谍照曝光:极点全面屏+前置双摄像头

In addition, the rendering shows that the nova 6 5G does not carry a rear fingerprint, so it may be a side fingerprint or screen fingerprint design.

The phone is likely to be released in December.

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